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Tips In Handling An Aircon Unit Emergency

What is considered an aircon emergency?

The following situations constitute an aircon emergency and you should contact a professional aircon servicing company immediately:

A loud screeching sound could be a loose belt or the compressor freezing up. Turn the aircon unit off and make that professional aircon servicing company emergency call. Do not turn the system back on until they have arrived, inspected, repaired, and given you the all-clear sign.

If there isn’t any airflow coming from your aircon unit, this could be a sign that your system has a major failure and you need to make that professional aircon servicing company emergency call. This is something that a trained professional needs to inspect and diagnose.

If you smell something burning coming from your aircon unit, it could likely be something with the electrical components within the system. Turn it off immediately and then make that professional aircon servicing company a request to check on your aircon unit.

Here is a list of other common types of aircon emergency repairs that technicians experience with aircon emergency repair requests:

How to handle an aircon emergency?

As an air filter accumulates dust and debris, the aircon unit must work harder to cool your home. If the filter becomes too clogged, your aircon unit cannot do its job, so you might experience a lack of cool air coming from the vents. You might notice that the outside unit runs, but the inside unit never comes on at all, or you’ll hear the blower but feel no cold air.

Since the air filter is the easiest fix for a faulty aircon unit, check it first. It helps to keep a supply of fresh filters on hand so you can change it out in an aircon emergency. If the filter looks clogged, replace it with a new one and test your aircon unit. If you start to feel cold air, you’ve solved the problem.

If the power goes out or a power surge occurs, your aircon unit’s breaker might trip without your knowledge. Locate your breaker box and make sure all the levers point in the correct direction. The breaker serves as a safety control device that shuts off power to an appliance so it doesn’t suffer damage from electric current.

Only reset your breaker one time. If it continues to trip after you start running the unit again, there’s something wrong with your aircon unit and you need a professional aircon servicing company’s assistance.

Without a professional aircon servicing company, you cannot discern for sure whether you have a refrigerant leak. However, some tell-tale signs point in that direction, such as ice buildup on the exterior pipes or a minimal amount of cool air coming from the vents. If you notice these issues, tell the professional aircon servicing company so they can quickly diagnose the problem.

Pro 338 Reminder: A refrigerant leak requires expert attention. Don’t call a local handyman to simply top off the R-22 refrigerant levels because it will not fix the problem. Instead, a professional aircon servicing company needs to find and address the source of the leak. You don’t want to waste refrigerant or expose your family to decreases in indoor air quality from R-22 exposure.

Many professional aircon servicing companies offer emergency services to families who experience aircon unit problems outside of normal business hours. Regardless of whether you want to book an emergency visit, call right away to schedule an appointment. Knowing when to expect relief will help you cope with the situation.

Tell the person who answers the phone what you have observed with your aircon unit. Provide him or her with essential details, such as what you might have done to rectify the problem and any history of trouble with your aircon unit over the last few months.

An aircon emergency can inspire panic among homeowners, but if you stay calm and contact a professional aircon servicing company right away, you won’t have to deal with the inconvenience for long.


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