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7 Things To Do When Your Aircon Unit Is Leaking

If your aircon unit is leaking, you might wonder if it is normal or there is something you need to care about. However, while some leakage through your aircon unit may not cause any aircon issues, too much leakage can lead to some big problems for you and your home. So, here are 7 things to do when your aircon unit is leaking:

1) Don’t panic.

Leakages are usually not serious emergencies. However, they should be handled with caution. The first thing that you will want to ensure is that the electricity powering the aircon unit should be turned off. Once you have ensured that there is no risk of electric shock, turn your attention to locating the source of the leak.

2) Locate and stop the leak.

Aircon units often leak due to a build-up within their inner workings. However, sometimes leaks may actually come from damage through external objects like bird droppings, fluff and dirt stuck up against them or cracks in components like cooling coils. If possible, try to use flashlights where necessary as well as mirrors (if you have them) to help you see all areas of the aircon unit

3) Get your tools.

You will need a ladder, working gloves for protecting your hands, and safety goggles or glasses for protecting your eyes. You may also want to get some towels or disposable rags with which you can dry up any water after fixing the leak.

4) Remove everything blocking off access.

Make sure that before doing this, you are wearing gloves and safety goggles. If the aircon unit is still working, you need to switch it off. Turn off any fans and close all doors and windows surrounding the aircon unit as well as your home’s main door if possible. Gather up all items that may be blocking access to your aircon unit, especially anything around the outside of your home or in the space that can fall into your aircon unit.

5) Dismantle the faulty part.

Find out which part of the aircon unit has been leaking from research on how it works. It’s likely that this fault was caused by one component wearing down with time. Also, if there is anything difficult about removing or replacing these panels, it’s best for you to call in a professional aircon servicing company since reassembling the unit will likely need specialized skills and tools.

6) Fix the part.

Replace any components which have been damaged by dirt or water ingress from previous leakage issues with new parts from an aircon supplier. Make sure that all of your exposed metal surfaces are completely dry before using a cloth or blow-dryer to get rid of any unwanted moisture. Then switch on your aircon unit and check whether the leak has been fixed.

7) Observe your aircon unit and keep checking for other problems that may arise.

If you have had to remove or replace any components of your aircon unit’s inner workings. Also, make sure that everything blocking the access was put back how it should be; otherwise, there could be another potential issue further down the road which needs urgent fixing.

Pro 338 Tip: When dealing with aircon unit fluids, particularly refrigerants, it is important to fully understand the associated safety risks. Consult a professional aircon servicing company from your local aircon supplier if you have any doubts or concerns about working on your aircon unit.


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