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3 Aircon Servicing Tips for Better Aircon Performance

aircon servicing tips

Owners who've invested in a quality air conditioner should understand the need for proper maintenance after a proper aircon installation. Well-maintained units use less energy, cool faster, remove microbes, and control humidity. When choosing a maintenance service, consider the company's experience. Regular servicing helps avoid expensive repairs. Here are some aircon servicing tips to optimize your aircon. 

3 Aircon Servicing Tips For Home Owners

Get Professional Aircon Maintenance Services

aircon maintenance

To prevent common aircon problems, hire a professional company with experienced staff. They should detail their maintenance plan and warranty. Tasks like chemical overhaul and servicing are best left to professionals for proper execution. They'll check all parts, ensure proper coolant levels, and fix ducting and piping if required. Professional maintenance is needed once or twice a year, depending on aircon usage.


Clean The Drain Pipe Regularly

The air conditioner's cold temperature causes water to condense and flow away through a drain line. However, the high humidity in the line can cause mold and mildew, blocking the pipe and reducing water flow. Dirt and debris can also build up in the drain outlet. Regularly checking the drain line is essential to ensure proper water drainage, as clogs are common issues. If a blockage is found, use chemicals or a cleaning brush to clear it. By doing servicing regularly, you can avoid aircon problems like leaking.  

Avoid Delaying Essential Aircon Repairs

Property owners often wait too long to call for air conditioning repairs because they're busy. But delaying can make energy bills go up and waste time. If you don't fix AC issues early, they can get worse and cost more to repair. It's smart to hire a trusted AC maintenance company in Singapore quickly to save money on repairs and avoid future problems. They can also tell you if you need to repair or replace a malfunctioning unit. 


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