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Most Affordable Aircon Gas Top-up in Singapore

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Are you facing these problems?

feel warmer

Air conditioner blowing warm air/hot air

aircon gas top up

Bubbling or hissing noise from the air conditioning unit

refrigerant work

Ice on the refrigerant gas line

air conditioning

Abnormally high electricity bill

These are signs that it's time to get
an aircon gas refill!

When the aircon gas level is low, air conditioners cant operate effectively and will have to work harder to maintain the desired temperatures.

Usually, the cooling chemicals inside the refrigerant storage of air conditioning units will not be entirely utilized throughout their service life.

More likely, though, low gas levels are caused by an aircon gas leak, especially if the aircon unit has never been serviced.

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Why You Need to Top Up Aircon Gas

aircon gas top up

Air conditioners contain copper coils filled with refrigerant (aircon gas) to produce that cold air we love so much.

The refrigerant gas absorbs heat from the air, changing from a low-pressure gas to a high-pressure liquid. The other components of the air conditioner blow hot outdoor air over this cooling coil which rapidly cools the air, giving us cool comfort.

Unfortunately, your air conditioner can't produce this cooling effect if the aircon gas tank is low.


Aircon gas leaks are harmful to the environment if the chemicals get into the water system. Fortunately, you can minimise this possibility with regular aircon servicing.

Maintains energy efficiency

In general, better-maintained equipment will operate more effectively. A poorly maintained air conditioning unit uses more energy in order to function.

Prolongs lifespan of air conditioner

When the refrigerant storage leaks, the compressor can't cool down, causing it to eventually overheat and fail.

Ensures your aircon system is working properly

Sometimes, an aircon gas leak is caused by improper installation. A professional aircon technician can identify and fix leaks and any other problems in the air conditioner.

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What Happens During 338's Gas Top-up Service

  • Unscrew the side panel to expose the inflow/outflow valves.

  • Add gas pipe to inflow outlet valve.

  • Connect a wire to the refrigerant gas storage tank.

  • Start aircon gas top-up. Make sure not to over-top up!


Learn more about our gas top-up price.

We also offer condenser servicing to ensure that your condenser unit is operating appropriately:

  • Ensure that all dust and dirt accumulation is fully washed away from the condensing unit.

  • Ensures that the entire condensing unit and its parts are fully cleaned.

  • Wash away the coil cleaner with clean water/chemical.

Singapore's Highest Google-Reviewed Air Conditioning Services

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Sengkang 4-Rm HDB

Was very satisfied with my aircon installation. Installation team was professional and explained the different steps when installing. Aircon is very cold and quiet, very powerful.

Mr Lee

Tampines HDB EA

Good price and value for money. Installation was done within a day and rubbish from installation was packed and thrown away by installation guys. Will recommend you all to my friends and family next time.

Mr Lee

Hao Jie

Redhill 3-Rm HDB

Very fast installation from when i book to when the aircons are installed finish. Company gave us 5 years warranty for the service so we know if anything we will not need to bear additional costs for replacement. Good job!

Hao Jie
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Your Preferred Aircon Service Company

What You Get When You Pick 338's Quality
Aircon Repair Services:


Our client-centric business model allows us to be the most competitively priced in Singapore, working with your budget to meet your aircon needs.


338 Aircon is an authorized distributor of brands such as Daikin & Mitsubishi. With an assurance of well-known global brands, Aircon 338 should certainly be your preferred option.


All our technicians have a minimum of 5 years experience with various aircon brands, meaning we only need 1 trip to complete the job!


Our services are supported digitally, from invoices to contracts. No more misplacing important paperwork!


On top of our affordable prices, 338 Aircon also offers promotions regularly. By taking advantage, you can save more while having your equipment installed or serviced.

Book Your Same Day Servicing With Us Now!


Our hotline is open daily from 8 am to 10 pm!

Anywhere in SG

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Anywhere in SG

Northeast SK, Punggol, Sgoon, Kovan

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Other Air Con Services

As one of the best aircon service companies in Singapore, 338 is fully capable of handling all your aircon problems!

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