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3 Easy Steps In Aircon Unit Installation

While most individuals find the assistance of an expert, some see aircon installation by professionals as an unnecessary luxury. It is for this reason that this article exists to give a helping hand to those who might be willing to get their hands dirty and do it themselves.

Unlike other long posts, ours consists of only three steps, which will leave your system fully functional. Join us as we look at the steps in Aircon installation.

Steps in Aircon Installation

Step 1: Install the Indoor Unit

First and foremost, the location of your air conditioner is the most vital aspect of ensuring its effectiveness.

Generally, it should be in the interior wall of the house, and high free from any physical distractions. It means that the first of the steps in Aircon installation is finding the correct spot for your indoor unit.

While deciding on the location for aircon installation , be keen to observe the following guidelines;

  1. Try and keep it away from direct sunlight or sources of heat.

  2. It needs to be at least seven feet from the ground and in an open space.

  3. Install it at least with a 1-meter radius away from antennas and radios.

After deciding on the spot, you now come to the more challenging part of the installation, fixing it into the interior wall. Drilling the correct hole into the wall and placing both the holding plates and its support is an excellent place to start. Ensure that the supporting plastics are firm and vertical to prevent the machine from falling from its position.

The next procedure in this step will be to install the pipes connecting the device to the exterior. A three-inch hole will be enough for the device to function smoothly. After making the hole, you will need to fit a flexible flange to act as a gateway.

According to the manufacturer’s recommendations, you should not mess with the electrical configuration of the machine to avoid any damages.

Regarding the drilled hole, a 6mm PVC shorter than the distance between the exterior and interior might be of service. Bind the tape to the cap using an electric tape and pass it through the wall to the body. Ensure that you tightly screw the door and mounting the plate of the unit.

Step 2: Install the Outdoor Condenser

Among the three steps in Aircon installation, installing the outdoor condenser is the second step. This device needs to be located outside of the house and connected to the indoor unit.

For you to correctly place it on the exterior, follow these simple guidelines;

  1. Place it away from excess heat, heavy traffic, and dust.

  2. You should allow a 12-inch free space.

Since the unit will not rest on bare ground, you will need to build a concrete pad to place it. Note that the place should be high enough to sit above the snow in the cold season and water in the rainy period. Some rubber cushioning is advised to eliminate the intense vibration from the running of the machine.

Finally, correctly connect all the electrical wires to their respective designations and fasten the screws.

Step 3: Complete the Installation

In this step, you will need to clear the humidity and air trapped within the system. You will need to remove the valves and attach it to a vacuum host located in the service port. It should run until it reads a 10 mm Hg. After your desired results, disengage the vacuum and replace the caps.


We hope that you now know the easy steps in Aircon installation. With dedication and a pinch of skill, you can install one on your own with the help of this article.

An important aspect to always keep in mind is to fasten all the screws involved. If you get the chance to accomplish this task, we would love to hear from you. We at 338 Aircon Servicing and Repair are Singapore’s affordable, reliable aircon servicing, repair and installation. 


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