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Get Your Aircon Chemical Wash Professionally Done in Just 1 Trip without Any Hidden Costs!

chemical wash

Do these sound like you?

aircon chemical wash

Constant air conditioning problems despite normal servicing

aircon conditioner has never undergone general servicing

Air conditioner has never undergone general servicing

aircon system not cold

Air conditioning system is never cold

aircon gives off weird smells

Air conditioning unit gives off weird smells

Then it's time for an aircon chemical cleaning.

When your air conditioner can't produce cold air or has unexpectedly increased energy consumption, a chemical wash becomes necessary.

During aircon chemical washing, the air conditioner unit is returned to a cleaner, more efficient state using a variety of chemical-based cleaners that won't damage the internal components.

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as featured in

Why you need an air conditioner chemical wash:

Kills Bacteria & Mould

Moisture can build up in air conditioners, providing a conducive environment for mould and bacteria growth, which can harm those who are exposed to this contaminated air.

Luckily, an AC chemical wash removes and prevents mould and bacteria buildup, leading to smoother airflow and reduced condensation!

kills bacteria and mould

Better Air Quality

Poorly maintained air conditioning units can raise your risk of “sick building syndrome", irritate your respiratory system and ramp up allergies.

An aircon chemical wash service properly cleans your system, including eliminating 99.9% of harmful bacteria that build up inside your air conditioner!

better air quality

Removes Any Foul Smell

A foul smell from your air conditioner is a huge indicator that something is not right - there might be bacteria growing on the air filter, or a small animal might have died in there.

Regardless, a chemical wash removes bacteria and also effectively eliminates lingering malodours, whether your air conditioner is new or old.

removes any foul smell

Extends Air Conditioner Lifespan

Accumulation of dust and grime can clog the whole aircon unit, leading to excessive wear and tear of the air conditioner parts and other complications, like water leakage.

An aircon chemical wash not only cleans but also shields the metal components of your air conditioning system against rust and corrosion.

extends air conditioner lifespan

Singapore's Highest Google-Reviewed Air Conditioning Services

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Sengkang 4-Rm HDB

Was very satisfied with my aircon installation. Installation team was professional and explained the different steps when installing. Aircon is very cold and quiet, very powerful.

thunder bolt

Mr Lee

Tampines HDB EA

Good price and value for money. Installation was done within a day and rubbish from installation was packed and thrown away by installation guys. Will recommend you all to my friends and family next time.

Mr Lee

Hao Jie

Redhill 3-Rm HDB

Very fast installation from when i book to when the aircons are installed finish. Company gave us 5 years warranty for the service so we know if anything we will not need to bear additional costs for replacement. Good job!

Hao Jie
good job
non dismantle chemical cleaning.png

338's Aircon Chemical Wash Includes:

An aircon chemical wash is done on the wall with the aircon still mounted on the wall itself.

​This makes the cleaning process faster (about 30 minutes per unit) and reduces the chance of gas leaks because the aircon gas pipe joints are not removed.

However, this also means that the internal parts that are not fully removed nor cleaned by the chemical (only the fan coil).

The scope of our aircon chemical wash service covers:

  • Removal of aircon unit FCU cover. 

  • Removal of water tray & blower wheel.*

  • Spraying of chemical compounds on FCU.

  • Rinsing off chemical solutions with clean water.

  • Vacuuming the drainage system & internal system.

  • Wiping the interior unit clean.

  • Reattaching the blower* & test roll.

  • Reattaching the water tray & cleaning the cover.

* Depends on the aircon unit model & condition of FCU.

Find out more about our aircon chemical wash prices.


Chemically wash your condenser unit, too,
for even cleaner air!

If the aircon condenser unit outside is clogged with dirt and dust, it prevents the free flow of air.

If the aircon condenser unit outside is clogged with dirt and dust, it prevents the free flow of air.

  • The unit will first be sprayed with a cleaning chemical

  • The cleaning solution will be allowed to interact for five to ten minutes

  • The unit will be rinsed off with clean water.

​Most importantly, be sure to inform your downstairs neighbours if you want to do this as the dirty water will flow downwards!

your preferred aircon servicing company

Your Preferred Aircon Servicing Company

What You Get When You Pick 338's Quality
Aircon Repair Services:


Our client-centric business model allows us to be the most competitively priced in Singapore, working with your budget to meet your aircon needs.


Each aircon technician at 338 has a minimum of 5 years experience with various aircon brands, meaning we only need 1 trip to complete the job!


338 Aircon is an authorized distributor of brands such as Daikin & Mitsubishi. With an assurance of well-known global brands, Aircon 338 should certainly be your preferred option.


Our services are supported digitally, from invoices to contracts. No more misplacing important paperwork!


Aircon performance still poor after chemical washing? You're covered by our 3-month warranty - just contact our customer service team!


On top of our affordable prices, 338 Aircon also offers promotions regularly. By taking advantage, you can save more while having your equipment installed or serviced.

Book Your Same Day Servicing With Us Now!

Our hotline is open daily from 8 am to 10 pm!

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Anywhere in SG

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As one of the best aircon service companies in Singapore, 338 is fully capable of handling all your aircon problems!

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