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The 3 Key Aircon Parts Needing Regular Maintenance

Many people overlook air conditioner maintenance at home. Homeowners often delay maintenance until their AC stops working, starts making odd noises, or performs poorly. Regular maintenance can help you save money on costly, major repairs after an air con installation. If you want to enhance your AC's efficiency and lifespan, regular servicing is a must. Consistent AC maintenance offers several advantages:

  • Saves money on repairs.

  • Keep the air conditioner clean.

  • Improves efficiency.

  • Extends the AC's lifespan.

  • Reduces monthly energy bills.

  • Optimizes performance

Aircon maintenance in Singapore focuses on specific important parts, not replacing or repairing everything. In an air conditioner, the fins, coils, and filter need regular attention to ensure it runs efficiently all year. Neglecting these parts causes the AC's performance to decline.

1. Filters

Keeping filters clean is vital. Dirty, blocked filters obstruct normal airflow, leading to decreased air conditioner efficiency. When airflow is restricted, dirt can pass through the filters and accumulate on the evaporator coil, reducing its heat-absorbing capacity. Dirty filters and clogged coils can lower the AC's performance by 10 to 20 percent.

Filters come in various types with varying efficiency levels. It's recommended to clean or replace your air conditioner's filters once or twice a month. If your home is in a dusty area or you use the air conditioner frequently, more frequent cleaning is necessary.

2. Coils

Regularly cleaning the evaporator coil is essential to maintain your air conditioner's efficiency. Air conditioner coils gather dirt over time. Clean filters help stop dust and dirt from building up on the coil. If the condenser coil is located outdoors, it's more susceptible to accumulating dirt and debris due to exposure.

Therefore, it's crucial to periodically inspect and clean the fins to ensure the condenser coil remains free from dirt and operating optimally. Neglecting this maintenance can lead to decreased cooling performance and increased energy consumption, so make it a part of your routine air conditioner care.

3. Drainage Pipe

Maintaining clear drain channels is vital to prevent potential issues with your aircon's humidity control and safeguard your home from moisture-related damage. Regularly inspect and clean these channels to ensure they remain unblocked.

However, if you encounter persistent drainage problems or notice signs of moisture damage, such as damp walls or a wet carpet, don't hesitate to contact an aircon specialist promptly. Their expertise will help you resolve the issue effectively and prevent further complications.

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