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How to Choose the Right Air Conditioning System for Your Home

As the scorching Singapore sun beats down, transforming your home into a sweltering oven, there's one modern marvel that comes to the rescue—your trusty air conditioning system.

But with a multitude of options available, selecting the perfect cooling companion for your home can feel overwhelming.

Fear not!

In this comprehensive guide, we'll unveil the key factors and insider tips that will empower you to choose the right air conditioning system keeps you cool and also suits your unique needs.

Things to remember before installing an air conditioning system

The Size of Your House

When selecting air conditioning systems, the most crucial aspect to consider is the size, which should suit the dimensions of your space.

Failing to choose the right size can result in excessive energy bills.

For example, an oversized air conditioner will consume excessive energy to cool a smaller area. Moreover, frequent starts and stops will occur, leading to premature wear and tear of the system.

Conversely, an undersized air conditioning unit will fail to adequately cool your space, meaning you can't effectively beat the Singapore heat!

Similarly, the unit will experience additional strain as it struggles to meet the cooling demands of the area, leading to increased wear and tear.

It is, therefore, essential to carefully assess the unit's cooling capacity to ensure optimal performance and comfort.

Tenancy agreement

If you're a tenant planning to install air conditioners in your rental unit, it's essential to consult your landlord beforehand to ensure compliance with your lease agreement.

Certain machines or gadgets may violate the terms of your lease, so it's important to seek permission first.

Installation ability

When it comes to selecting air conditioners, it's crucial to consider the suitability of your home.

Some types of air conditioning units, like most central air conditioners, require ductwork, and buildings not originally designed for a central air conditioning system may not support this upgrade.

If there is a lack of wall space, you can also consider floor-mounted air conditioners, though this type is uncommon in Singapore.


Your budget is another factor to consider when choosing an air conditioner.

While these units are generally considered expensive household appliances, affordable options are available.

By assessing your financial capacity, you can find air conditioning units that fit your budget and provide long-term savings.

Air Conditioner Warranty

Before purchasing an air conditioning unit, it's essential to carefully review the warranty terms to avoid any financial surprises if something malfunctions in the future.

A reliable warranty can be a lifesaver in case of malfunctions or issues. However, not all warranties are created equal, with the length and coverage varying across brands and service providers.

Some warranties cover both parts and labour, while others only protect specific components like the condenser or pump.

The best air conditioners for your home

Window air conditioners

Best for: Single rooms, studio units, small spaces in general

One of the key advantages of window-type air conditioners is their ability to seamlessly fit standard and double-hung windows commonly found in condo units.

In some cases, the width of the window air conditioner may be narrower than the window itself. Fortunately, most window air conditioners are equipped with adjustable panels designed to fill gaps on either side of the unit.

While installing this type of air conditioning system isn't necessarily a daunting task, enlisting a professional air conditioning servicing company is highly recommended.

Their expertise ensures a hassle-free and efficient installation, granting you peace of mind and optimal performance.

Wall-mounted air conditioner

Best for: Single rooms, small living rooms

Perhaps the most common type you've seen, mini split system air conditioners are wall mounted air conditioners that utilise heat pump technology, perfect if you're looking for an air conditioner that produces both cold and heated air.

These aircon units have an indoor unit, the air conditioning equipment that provides hot/cold air, and an outdoor unit, the compressor, that stands outside your home with a 3-inch conduit that goes through the walls.

Their adaptive functionality sets mini-split air conditioner units apart from conventional models. The compressor adjusts its speed based on your needs, resulting in exceptional efficiency compared to traditional units.

In fact, mini-split air conditioners outperform other counterparts by up to 30% in terms of both energy consumption and efficiency since they do not lose conditioned air.

However, it's important to note that these advantages come at a higher cost than typical air conditioning units.

Regardless, to ensure a safe and proper installation, it's recommended to rely on the expertise of a professional air conditioner servicing company.

Portable air conditioners

Best for: Small spaces, areas where your main AC does not reach, rental units where modifications are not allowed

A portable air conditioner is also a popular option among renters.

These self-contained and freestanding air conditioners offer a convenient solution for cooling. Equipped with casters, they can be easily moved from one room to another according to your needs.

Almost all portable aircon units have a large, flexible hose attached to the window that acts as a vent to remove hot air.

‍Alternatively, you can also choose the no-vent portable aircon units, which require adding water to cool down the air.

However, it is important to note that these units function more as evaporative air coolers rather than full-fledged air conditioning systems for indoor units.

Therefore, seeking advice from a professional air conditioning service company is always recommended when selecting your home's most effective cooling solution!

Ceiling cassette air conditioner

Best for: Large spaces (living room, dining room etc.), open-concept homes

Ceiling cassette units provide excellent air distribution in the room.

If you have limited wall space or if the wall space needs to be utilized for other purposes, ceiling cassette air conditioners are a great solution.

Featuring a slim profile and sleek grille, they are designed to be unobtrusive and blend seamlessly into the ceiling, allowing them to fit well with various interior styles and decors without drawing attention.

They usually have multiple directional vents that distribute cool air in multiple directions simultaneously, achieving a more uniform temperature throughout the space.

Installing a ceiling cassette air conditioner may involve modifications to the ceiling, such as creating an opening and installing ductwork.

Thus, make sure to contact your preferred professional AC company to ensure a hassle-free and high-quality installation.

What are the benefits of choosing the right types of air conditioners?

Better Health

Selecting and installing the appropriate air conditioning unit can be crucial in mitigating the risk of dehydration caused by intense weather conditions that induce excessive sweating, dizziness and other health complications.

Additionally, it serves as a preventive measure against heat stroke, especially during increasingly common heat waves.

Improves Productivity

In today's work-from-home era, optimising your condo unit's environment with the appropriate air conditioning can greatly enhance productivity.

The right type of air conditioner ensures an ideal working atmosphere, allowing you to work efficiently and effectively.

Additionally, when it comes to exercise, activating the air conditioning unit on a cool low setting creates fresh air and a pleasant and comfortable space, making your workout sessions more enjoyable and effortless.

Increases property value

When you invest in a high-quality air conditioning unit with advanced features, you will add value to your home by enhancing your living space's comfort and reap the rewards of improved air quality and energy efficiency.

That's why engaging with a reliable, professional aircon servicing company is also important when installing and maintaining your chosen aircon unit.

By doing so, you can extend the lifespan of your unit while enjoying its numerous advantages.

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