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7 Tips To Achieve Better Energy-Efficient Aircon Unit

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Keeping your energy-efficient aircon unit in optimum working condition after it is installed by the best aircon installer will not only save you money and help the environment, but it will also let you reap all the benefits of having an aircon unit. Here are some tips on how to achieve a better energy-efficient aircon unit:

1) Keep the aircon unit safe

At home, keep the children or pets away from where the filter is located as it can be easily damaged by these creatures especially if they like to chew things.

2) Changing the filters to improve aircon efficiency

It is recommended that you change your aircon unit filter every month or as soon as it’s dirty, depending upon usage levels . You can simply wipe clean with a cloth and some water first before reapplying the oil.

Keep your aircon unit clean by wiping down all dust and dirt with a damp cloth, especially if it’s mounted on the wall right outside where you sleep. It is recommended to do this once a month to prevent possible health issues such as allergies and respiratory problems. You can as well place an air purifier with activated carbon in that main area to help filter out the pollutants in the air. 

4) Maintain a good and safe distance for the aircon unit

If you have an aircon unit located inside your bedroom, do remember to keep it clean as well so as not to cause any respiratory problems. It is advisable to keep the vents at least about 5 feet away from where anybody sleeps so as to avoid breathing in dust particles.

When buying an aircon unit, make sure no water leaks are coming out from anywhere on the outside casing or around its functional parts such as the fan area and compressor area, just below the outdoor part of the aircon unit.

This may cause some damage as time goes by as well as degradation of the unit’s overall performance and efficiency, so it is important to check for any leaks or at least condensation whenever you feel that anything seems ‘not right’ with the aircon unit. 

6) Give enough space to access the aircon unit conveniently

Do not block the front of your aircon unit from getting cleaned by keeping plants, furniture, etc in its way. Make sure you have a clear path to allow access for cleaning. This will also allow you to easily check if there might be something wrong with your aircon unit without stressing yourself on how to access it. 

You can also choose to hire a reliable aircon servicing company in Singapore or at least somebody who knows how to do it properly to help maintain your entire aircon unit’s excellent performance and efficiency. Aircon servicing is recommended twice a year if you’re using your aircon unit regularly.

If you follow these recommendations, we’re sure that you’ll be able to get many more years out of your energy-efficient aircon unit and save money along the way.


It’s always a good time to talk about the common issues that aircon units have. This way, you’ll be able to spot if there are problems with your unit or not and prepare for its replacement accordingly. If you require our aircon servicing services, Whatsapp us at +65 9222 4141 for a fast and transparent quote.

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