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The Best Split Type Aircon Unit Brands In Singapore

In a humid country like Singapore, aircon units provide residents and office workers a great way to stay cool and comfortable throughout the day, especially during the hot summer days. One of the most popular types of these aircon units in the country is the split type aircon unit.

Consisting of an outdoor and indoor unit, this aircon unit type offers many advantages and features over traditional aircon units. They have a quieter performance, powerful cooling, and an efficient cooling capacity for the home and the office. 

What are the benefits of installing a split type aircon unit?

Easier installation

Split-type aircon units do not require ductwork in order to cool the air in your home as ducted aircon units do. Instead, these types consist of an indoor unit and an outdoor unit that can easily be mounted to walls or other areas with copper tubing and cables.

Unlike window-type aircon units, you also don’t need to have windows available for installation with split-type aircon units. Their design makes these aircon units simple and quick to install. However, installing a split-type aircon should be carried out by a professional and not done on your own.


A split-type aircon unit uses less energy overall than ducted aircon units. With ducted air, your aircon unit experiences energy loss as air passes through your ductwork. This can force your aircon unit to run more often to ensure that your home stays cool.

Split-type aircon units do not involve the use of ducts, which helps reduce the amount of energy they use so they are often the first choice of professional aircon servicing companies. These types can also be set up to cool off certain areas of your home rather than your entire home, saving you even more on energy usage. Having a more energy-efficient aircon unit means your energy bills should be lower.

Runs quietly

Window-type aircon units can be noisy when they’re running, which can be distracting. The fan and condenser in these types are inside your home where they produce significant noise while operating. Ducted units are larger and all the noise generated from one position can disrupt neighbors.

Split type aircon units run much more quietly than other types of aircon units. The noisier components are in the small outdoor unit where you won’t hear them as much. This provides your home with more peace and quiet while also keeping it cool and comfortable.


Having a split-type aircon unit installed in your home provides a more cost-efficient way to maintain a cooler indoor temperature. These aircon units typically cost less to buy, and installation costs are lower since they are easier to install.

They also use less energy and require little maintenance, so you can also expect to save money on these expenses. A professional aircon servicing company recommends investing in these types of aircon units that allow you to cool your home on a regular basis while keeping costs down.

Easy maintenance

Ducted aircon units often require routine maintenance in order to stay in good condition, which involves having an SG aircon servicing company come out to inspect and service it. A split-type aircon unit only needs minimal maintenance that you can usually do on your own.

In some cases, this means putting in a new filter. In other cases, this might involve cleaning the current filter and reusing it. With little maintenance required, you can expect your split-type aircon unit to run efficiently for several years.

If you are looking to buy a new split-type aircon unit for your home or workspace, then you have nothing to worry about.

Here are some of the all-time best brands that have been in the market that you might consider checking out before making the big purchase:

Daikin Aircon Unit

If you’ve been doing some searching for the best aircon unit brand in Singapore, then there’s a good chance that you’ve encountered seeing or hearing Daikin. Considered as the number one aircon unit brand in the world, Daikin offers quality and efficient aircon units that are equipped with the latest technologies in the aircon unit industry. It has a wide range of product ranges, most notably the SMILE Series, Super Multi NX, Super Multi HW, and Ezi Series. 

Fujitsu Aircon Unit

Fujitsu is another recognizable brand for aircon units in Singapore. Considered as one of the pioneers of the modern aircon unit, the brand offers innovation and improvements with every aircon unit that it releases in the market.

When it comes to split-type aircon units, the brand’s range of ASYG aircon is slim, sleek, and powerful. This series is packed with a lot of features, including a low-noise mode and an eco-friendly saver mode to make the entire aircon unit experience efficient.

LG is known for providing users with innovative and high-quality home appliances that all aim to make one’s life good. When it comes to split-type inverter aircon units, LG’s units are recognizable and popular, especially their Health+ series. This sleek-looking series can filter, deodorize, eliminate, ionize and clean itself, leaving you with a healthy and cleaner room every time. 

Midea Aircon Unit

Although originally founded in 1968, Midea is still considered a new entrant to the Singaporean market. While it has received mixed reviews from customers and aircon experts, what makes the brand stand out from other leading aircon unit manufacturers is its collection of value-for-money aircon units. Midea is generally cheaper than aircon units from brands such as Daikin and Mitsubishi. 

Mitsubishi Starmex units have long been best-sellers in Singapore for years. Coming from a leading brand of electronics and technology, these units are energy-efficient, technologically advanced, and capable of withstanding multiple years of constant usage.

In a country like Singapore, known for its warm and humid weather, Mitsubishi aircon units are often lauded for their powerful cooling capacity that comes endorsed with 5 ticks of energy efficiency. The brand’s units are also highly durable, quiet, and easy to clean and maintain.

Panasonic has long been making a name for itself as a giant in the consumer and home appliance segment. When it comes to aircon units, Panasonic has a long list of top-sellers from every aircon unit type.

What makes their aircon units stand out from the rest is their ability to make your room cooler and better. They use Nanoe-G technology that removes dust and purifies the air. This allows the units to constantly keep the room clean and fresh, improving the overall aircon unit experience for the occupants.

It’s always a good time to talk about the common issues that aircon units have. This way, you’ll be able to spot if there are problems with your unit or not and prepare for its replacement accordingly.

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