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Get To Know Your Aircon Unit Sensors

What are Aircon Sensors?

Aircon Sensors are components of the system designed to measure the temperature in the room. They ensure your aircon unit can regulate the temperature of the air according to the setting on the control panel.

Where is the Aircon Sensor located?

It is located in the Evaporator Coil.

Aircon units have thermostat sensors that are responsible for measuring the temperature of air coming into the evaporator coil. Located behind the unit’s control panel, these sensors are very important when it comes to reading and activating the desired temperature in a room.

How does an Aircon Sensor work?

When you set your thermostat to the desired temperature, your aircon unit will run until that temperature is reached. The thermostat sensor allows your aircon unit to determine when this temperature has been reached. It measures the ambient air temperature while sending this information to the thermostat.

Some thermostats have a built-in sensor, whereas others have a remote sensor.

With a built-in sensor, ambient air temperature is measured at the location of the thermostat. If your thermostat has a remote sensor, on the other hand, you can place it in a different area.

Regardless, all thermostat sensors work by measuring the ambient air temperature inside your home.

What happens if the Aircon Sensor is not working?

When both the thermostat and sensor are not working, the aircon unit will not maintain the desired temperature. In most cases, if the aircon unit is blowing cool air and the system switches on and off correctly but the temperature is not right, that’s a major sign that the thermostat is broken, and that indeed is an aircon issue.

What are the signs of faulty Aircon Sensor?

a) Thermostats fail when they are unable to accurately measure the temperature of the air. Therefore, failure usually results in the aircon unit turning off prematurely or running for an extended period. Alternatively, your aircon unit may simply not turn on even if you lowered the thermostat. You can also check the temperature reading on your thermostat. But if this does not solve the problem, allow a professional aircon servicing company to check on the aircon issue.

b) Thermostats, of course, display the temperature identified by the aircon sensor. If the sensor fails, your thermostat may not display a temperature, or it may display a temperature that’s higher or lower than the actual ambient temperature. A DIY is not totally recommended with this type of aircon issue, immediately call a professional aircon servicing company upon experiencing this.

Does proper placement matter?

Yes, aircon sensors must be placed in the right area to ensure an accurate temperature reading. A professional aircon servicing company recommends placing the thermostat in a shaded area in or near the center of your home’s interior.

In most cases, during an aircon emergency, here’s what you can do when your Aircon Sensor goes wrong:

– Turn your aircon unit off as well as the power at the main electrical panel.

– Access the evaporator coil inside; the sensor will be near the coil. If the sensor is bent, you can cautiously bend it back into place. then turn the breaker back on at the main panel and switch your aircon unit on.

-However, if it’s bent away from the coil or if it seems like the sensor is the aircon issue, contact a professional aircon servicing company to have it checked.

-If you’re still unsure about what to do, rest assured that there’s a team of professionals that can assist you. Get in touch with a professional aircon servicing company to inspect your aircon unit and provide you with a proper estimate.


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