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Wall-Mounted Vs Ceiling Cassette Type Aircon Unit: How to Choose

When planning to cool your home or office, the main choice is whether to go with a wall-mounted vs cassette aircon unit. While the two can do an excellent cooling job, there are so many differences that distinguish them and help you choose. It would help if you considered several factors when installing an aircon unit that should also help you choose the most beneficial. When asking yourself which type of aircon unit to choose, wall mounted vs. cassette type aircon unit, consider the following differences and essential aspects.

What is a Wall-Mounted Aircon Unit?

This is an aircon unit installed into wall openings that are aimed to cool your space bit by bit or in a particular room to keep your family happy and comfortable.

Advantages of a Wall-Mounted Aircon Unit:

Installation and maintenance of wall aircon units are inexpensive compared to others. It, therefore, can save you a handsome amount of money if you go with it. Due to advanced technology, this type uses inverter technology, which is economical to run.

Due to the inverter technology, the wall types are fast, ensuring that the required temperature is attained at any given time. The technology also allows you to control the aircon unit at your comfort using wireless remote controls.

Wall aircon units do not affect your room’s aesthetic nature when professionally installed. This is because a vent on the wall is used to exhaust humidity and heat, which can be unnoticeable. Also, the aircon unit saves you more space as it is installed on the walls.

The wall-type aircon units have a better cooling capacity and can cool a room fast. They are also designed to shut when a place is at a favorable temperature, saving you some utility cost.

Disadvantages of Wall-Mounted Aircon Unit:

Unfortunately, the wall-type aircon units do not cool your entire home. More so, they are more effective when cooling a single room.

Wall-type aircon units also work best behind closed doors, and therefore you have to close the doors when using them.

The installation process of a wall-type aircon unit is complex and requires skilled labor.

What is a Ceiling Cassette Aircon Unit?

As the name suggests, this type of air conditioner mounted in the ceiling, most preferably in a floating ceiling for more effectiveness. They are designed to cover a relatively large room and provide exceptional coverage through powerful and fast fans and adjustable thermostats.

Advantages of Ceiling Cassette Aircon Unit:

Based on their location, the ceiling cassette aircon units ensure even distribution of air in the room. This is because cold air falls.

This type of aircon unit has the condenser placed outside, and therefore no noise disturbances are allowing you to conduct your business or any activity in a conducive environment.

The variable speed fan and the programmable thermostat allows temperature regulations and prevents excess utility bills such as electricity expenses.

Disadvantages of Ceiling Cassette Aircon Unit:

The location of the compressor on the outside can be troublesome in cases of large buildings. It can lead to the destruction of the aesthetic f the walls as more holes are needed to install the aircon unit. Besides, the relatively long distance between the compressor and the aircon unit can cause cost increases and make the entire installation process time-consuming.

When installing the aircon unit for a warehouse or a large office, more aircon units are required increasing the cost significantly.

There must be enough ceiling space to support the aircon unit. There are no alternatives to modify the ceiling, and therefore the only thing you can do in case you have insufficient ceiling space is to look for other types of aircon units.

A guideline to making the right choice:

After understanding the different features and benefits of both wall-mounted and cassette-type aircon units, making the decision is the next step. You can consider the following factors and gauge which option best suits you.

The installation process should be manageable. You should also include the equipment and installation cost to see if its pocket friendly.

Running costs and efficiency should be well balanced. This means that the system should be cost-effective, depending on the area’s size to be cooled down.

Maintenance and cleaning should be manageable. The choice of aircon unit you decide to go with should be easy to clean and maintain to keep the aircon units operation running effectively and prolong the aircon unit’s life

The aesthetic effect of these aircon units differs quite significantly. However, you can choose one that is more favorable, depending on your desires and where to be used.

It is crucial to involve a professional aircon servicing company who can guide you on the best aircon unit suitable for you, depending on your specific wants. You can be taken step by step through both options helping you to make the ideal decision. Contact 338aircon and for special prices once you make your decision. Finally, you are in a position to solve the wall-mounted vs. cassette air condition puzzle with this information.

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