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Reasons Why Singaporeans Choose Mitsubishi Aircon Unit

What is with Mitsubishi Aircon that they are often the first choice?

Mitsubishi Electric aircon units are engineered to run in the most energy-efficient manner possible. In addition to improved components and materials, Mitsubishi Electric systems change the way air conditioners operate and this includes:

– Cooling in zones so energy isn’t used cooling unoccupied rooms.

– Variable speed cooling to avoid the energy wasted by aircon units that constantly start and stop.

– Using multiple thermostats to get a true picture of your home’s temperature.

At the heart of each Mitsubishi Aircon unit are four key components:

A cutting-edge INVERTER-driven compressor that allows the system to adjust its cooling output to keep your home’s constant temperature.

i-see Sensor technology that can scan the temperature in the entire room instead of just at the thermostat and make adjustments to eliminate hot and cold spots.

Advanced filters that eliminate dust, odors, bacteria, and viruses to keep your air healthy and clean.

– Environmentally friendly components that includes a refrigerant that doesn’t harm the ozone layer and parts that can be recycled when the time finally comes to replace them.

Here are the five main reasons why a Mitsubishi Aircon unit provides unbeatable value for money in any commercial, public or private set-up:

Mitsubishi Electric systems are cheap to run because of their high level of energy efficiency. Improvements to internal components, especially inverters, compressors, and control systems, have all contributed to this. Modern Mitsubishi Electric aircon units are also highly responsive to seasonal changes, allowing an efficient response to outside weather conditions. Mitsubishi Electric systems are capable of linking into renewable power sources, such as solar PV.

Mitsubishi Electric uses their Lossnay Heat Recovery ventilation system that recycles stale air to extract the heat energy before returning it to the system, eliminating energy loss through heat dissipation.

Mitsubishi Electric has an extensive air conditioning, refrigeration, and heating product range that is flexible enough to suit any type of commercial building. Buildings from small retail units to large schools and whole office blocks can take advantage of Mitsubishi Electric’s dynamic systems, conserving energy where it is most needed for optimum comfort and environmental control.

Aircon unit technologies are developing fast, driven forward by manufacturers such as Mitsubishi Electric. For the past 10 years alone, they have pioneered new eco-friendly refrigerant systems, energy-efficient compressors, and smartphone-based control systems. MELCloud is the latest generation of remote control apps, compatible with all Mitsubishi Electric split air conditioning and heating systems. It enables complete environmental control through cloud-based software accessible through any smartphone or tablet. It enables users to improve the comfort of building occupants while slashing energy use and being kinder to the environment.

Mitsubishi Electric’s constant innovation in new aircon unit technology has not only improved their energy efficiency but also made them extremely environmentally friendly. Using a Mitsubishi Electric system lets you reduce your carbon footprint, reduce the environmental impact of your building, and of course saving you money. The new R32 refrigerant range now has an ozone-depleting potential (ODP) of zero, and a global warming potential (GWP) of approximately 1/3 less than R410Aa at 675, a far cry from the old-fashioned, environmentally damaging HCFC based systems.

Many aircon units can also be set up to recycle waste energy within a building. For example, exhaust energy from your air conditioning system can be redirected through a heat exchanger to heat other parts of your building, or for hot water storage. This can work two ways, with waste heat from machinery being harnessed as a power source for your air conditioning.

From a customer perspective, Mitsubishi Electric products are extremely durable. Once installed, they keep working and working without any noticeable drop in air efficiency, and with few maintenance requirements. They hardly ever need to be repaired or replaced, which saves you a lot of money in maintenance bills over the life-cycle of your system.

Here are other reasons why most Singaporeans choose Mitsubishi Aircon unit:

The days of being worried about going deaf when your window aircon unit is running or not being able to enjoy an outdoor BBQ because your outside air conditioning unit is grinding away are over. Mitsubishi Electric’s indoor air conditioning units are designed to be literally as quiet as a whisper at just 19 decibels. Outdoor units operate as low as 58 decibels, the same as the noise levels inside a typical office or restaurant.

Control Your Air Conditioner From Anywhere in the World

You no longer need to walk to the thermostat to change the temperature. In fact, you don’t even have to be in the same time zone. Mitsubishi Electric aircon units offer WiFi connectivity to allow you to adjust your air conditioner’s settings from any computer, smartphone, or tablet using a free app. If you don’t know what time you’ll be home from work or forget to turn off your aircon unit before leaving on vacation, you don’t have to worry about wasting energy.

In addition, Mitsubishi Electric systems offer outside air sensors that make automatic adjustments based on the outside temperature.


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