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8 Reasons Why Your Aircon Unit Is Not Cold

Your aircon unit is an important part of your home during the summer. It is responsible for keeping the whole home cool and comfortable when hiding from the hot summer sun. When the aircon unit is not working well, it will cause the room to stay warm and can cost a lot of money in utility bills with no relief.

The good news is there are several steps you can take to keep your aircon unit working well. Alternatively, you can engage an aircon servicing provider in SG to solve your problems. Here are some reasons why your aircon unit is not cold include:

The Filter is Clogged

The filter is important because it will help catch some of the particles that come through the air before they damage the aircon unit altogether. If you do not replace the aircon unit filter often, it can get clogged, restricting how much air will flow through. This causes the evaporator coil to freeze, which means that it isn’t able to cool down the air any longer.

The Condenser Coils are Broken

The reason your aircon unit is not working may be that the condenser coil is dirty and there is too much debris on it over time. You should take a moment to wash off the condenser to let all the heat out of the machine. Once the condenser is cleaned off and good to go, you will notice the room getting colder right away.

The Compressor is Broken

The compressor of your aircon unit is designed so it circulates refrigerant between the outside and the inside of the aircon unit. The indoor units aren’t able to blow cold air if the compressor is no longer working. If you have tried out the other two options, take a look at the compressor. You may need to replace it once broken.

The Thermostat is Not Reading Well

The problem could be that the thermostat is not reading the temperature well. The thermostat is important because it senses when the temperature goes up or down. If it is broken or not working well, this means that it can no longer tell how warm or cold the room is, so it can’t signal when it is time for the aircon unit to work. Check out the thermostat when the aircon unit is not working to see if this helps solve the aircon issue.

The Aircon Unit is Too Small for Space

If you are using a tiny aircon unit for a large room, or the whole home, then this is most likely your problem. Aircon units are strong, but they are not able to handle a large area. Take a look at the instruction manual and see how much area the aircon unit is meant to take care of at a time and compare it with the area you are using.

Be careful with using an aircon unit that is too big as well. This will cause the room to get too cold and you may have an electric bill that shocks you. Always look at the BTUs of the aircon unit to see if it is right for you.

The Refrigerant is Leaking

If the refrigerant is leaking, then the aircon unit is not able to supply any of the cold air as necessary. You should notice a message that this refrigerant needs replaced if that is the problem but check it anyway if the machine is not providing the cold air that you would like. Replacing the component is often the best option here.

The Evaporator is Dirty

Your evaporator unit is a big part of the aircon unit. It will help your aircon unit work well and keep the home cool. If the evaporator unit is dirty, it will not keep up with the temperatures you would like. Make it part of your routine to check on the aircon unit evaporator to make sure it is clean and working well.

The Condenser is Blocked

If the condenser is blocked, the aircon unit is not able to keep the room cool. It will naturally accumulate some grime and dirt just from normal use, so homeowners need to make sure they check it and clean it out regularly. When all of the dirt and grime is gone, the aircon unit can do its work. Once a month is best for this but pick a schedule that works the best for you.

If your aircon unit is no longer working right and won’t give out cold air, it is time to get it fixed right away. Contact us at or WhatsApp to 9222 4141 to book an appointment.


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