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Best Aircon Units To Buy In Singapore in 2024

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Setting up your space with an aircon unit is very much essential in Singapore, especially when it is hot and humid all year round.

With thousands of brands on the market, it can easily overwhelm you when faced with too many options. When choosing your aircon unit, often comes with trade-offs in terms of style, energy efficiency, power, cost-effectiveness, and even noise level.

And so, the following 8 Best Aircon Units in 2024 will show you all the information you will need to make an informed decision on which aircon unit to buy in Singapore.

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Mitsubishi Electric StarMex System 4 Aircon

Mitsubishi Electric StarMex System 4 Aircon is a multi-split aircon unit, capable of providing an extended airflow that can reach the far end of the room or reach the kitchen in open-concept living areas as far as 12m.

At 19dB, Mitsubishi has created super-quiet aircon units suitable for all rooms in your home with noise reduction technology, producing a very low hum when in operation. This is perfect for people who have trouble falling asleep. 

Also, it features EasyClean technology and an easy-clean design where the panel is easily detachable, and airflow vents can be opened without any special tools for quick cleaning of the inside of the aircon unit

So, if you’re looking for an aircon unit that is easy to clean and maintain, and has a quiet operation, this is a great option to have! 

Daikin iSmile System 3 Aircon

The Daikin iSmile System 3 Aircon boasts a 5-tick energy-saving efficiency endorsed by NEA, offering the most energy savings for your comfort and wallet. Read this article to find out how you can save money on aircon unit electricity bills in Singapore.

It features a superb air quality PM 2.5 filter. During periods of haze in Singapore, it serves as a way to improve the quality of indoor air by removing pollutants. If you have asthma or children at home, the newly added Dust collection PM 2.5 filter can help to keep the home cleaner and healthier, improving the quality of sleep.

Built-in with a Daikin Smartphone Control, you can control your aircon unit from anywhere, everywhere via your smartphone. With that, you no longer have to worry about forgetting to turn off the aircon unit when you’re out and about.

So, if you are in pursuit of better air through technologies of aircon unit and filters, you can consider Daikin iSmile System 3. Definitely worth trying it out!

Best Portable Aircon Unit: EuropAce EPA 12T2 Aircon

Installing an aircon unit in every room can be costly and time-consuming to install. This is where having a portable aircon unit offers a better alternative. It is definitely cheaper as compared to a normal aircon unit and requires near-zero installation effort. 

The EuropAce portable aircon EPA 12T2 has a sturdy caster wheel hence it can be wheeled from one room to another easily. It comes with a dual motor for rapid cooling and better performance. This powerful compressor helps cool rooms down quickly with minimal hassle.

Moreover, it has a capacity of 3.5KW (12,000 BTU/hr), which means that it is capable of providing cool temperatures for large areas. 

With a portable aircon unit, it provides substantial energy savings since it has obtained European Standards Class “A” Energy Efficiency. 

Through-the-wall aircon unit: LG LT0816CER Wall Aircon Unit

Through-the-wall aircon units are self-contained aircon units that offer maximum cooling power and energy efficiency. They are designed to install through an exterior wall instead of through a window. Our top pick will definitely be the LG LT0816CER.

Its exceptional cooling power can keep you and your family cool, comfortable, and in control with 3 different speeds. It also comes with a full-featured remote control, letting you set a timer and adjust speed without leaving your bed. It also comes with a washable and reusable aircon unit filter for easy usage.

If you are deciding between a wall-mounted aircon unit or a cassette aircon unit, you might want to read this article before making your decision!

Reliable Professional Aircon Servicing Company – 338 Aircon Servicing Company Singapore

That’s it for our list of best aircon units in Singapore. Do comment down before which aircon unit you’re interested in purchasing.

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