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5 Amazing Benefits Of Installing An Inverter Aircon unit

A well-functioning inverter aircon unit is a great option when it comes to the high summer heat. You want an aircon unit that will last a long time and won’t end up costing an arm and a leg in energy costs each month while keeping you nice and cool.

While a traditional aircon unit can do the work, you will find that a better option is an aircon unit with an inverter motor. There are several benefits of inverter aircon unit and some of these include:

Inverter Aircon Benefit 1 – Lower Costs to Operate

Since the inverter motors are only going to just use the amount of energy that it needs for the temperature you use, and nothing more. You can expect to see a large amount of savings on your energy bills when you change to this kind of aircon unit.

In fact, these kinds of aircon units can help you save 58% on your energy bill compared to some of the traditional aircon units. Since these appliances tend to take a lot of power to work, these savings can really pay off quickly.

Inverter Aircon Benefit 2 – Lasts for Longer

Since this kind of motor won’t put in as much work as some of the regular aircon unit motors, you will find that less wear and tear will occur on some of the moving parts. There are also fewer voltage peaks in the inverter motor compared to regular aircon units, which will prevent electric system failures over the lifetime of your aircon unit.

This is good for you for many reasons. For example, it translates to less heat being wasted and less warping of the different components in your unit. This helps the aircon unit have a longer service life, presenting you with a unit that is a much better value for the money.

Inverter Aircon Benefit 3 – It Runs without the Noise

One benefit that you will enjoy with this kind of aircon unit is that it can keep the room cool without all of the noise. Many times we get used to all of the noise of a regular aircon unit, but they are loud and kind of annoying.

However, with an inverter aircon unit, you will find that the noise is reduced and that is a pleasant surprise for all of this. Since the motor is only going to work as hard as it has to, and nothing more, there is less need to have the aircon unit run as hard as it can all the time, reducing how much noise you hear overall.

Inverter Aircon Benefit 4 – Can Start Up Faster

You will quickly find that your inverter aircon unit is able to reach the temperature you want at a much faster rate compared to a traditional aircon unit. This is because the inverter pulls in a lot more power during the beginning, while slowly diminishing the power as it starts to get close to the temperature that you would like.

This process is a lot slower for a traditional aircon unit because their stop and start cycles are not as precise and it has to guess a lot before finding the right point.

For example, these traditional aircon units are likely to get to the colder temperature that you want, but they only stay there for a very short time before they shut down completely. When the temperature gets warm again, they will start up but you may have to be warmer for a bit before that happens again.


Inverter Aircon Benefit 5 – The Best in Comfort

And finally, an inverter aircon unit is a great option because it will help you get the best comfort possible with your aircon unit. The precise temperature control and the quiet when it runs can make them perfect when you need to get a good night’s sleep while keeping cool, without all of the distractions.

Plus, this type of aircon unit is able to help save you a lot of money while being friendlier on the environment, helping you to enjoy the cool that you want in the summer, without having to stress out about your energy bill.

All of this comes together to provide you with some of the best comfort possible. If you are ready to install an inverter aircon unit in your home and see all of the benefits of the inverter aircon unit right away, contact us at 338aircon and for special prices.


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