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Reasons Why Aircon Will Have Blinking Lights and How to Fix It

Air conditioners are advanced home appliances that can be affected by environmental factors. For example, if dust and dirt accumulate on the external grille, it can affect your aircon's performance. Typically, blinking lights on an aircon indicate a potential internal error, signaling the need for aircon repair. Many aircon brands use blinking lights to indicate an internal error that needs attention. Here are some common reasons why your aircon light might blink.

1.       Low Maintenance of Aircon

Not keeping up with regular air conditioner maintenance can cause problems and malfunctions. It's essential to perform routine checks to ensure your unit stays clean, providing a consistent cool air experience.


If the light is flashing, it could signal the need for aircon servicing. Check for clogged air filters as a troubleshooting step, or contact an aircon servicing company for assistance.


2.       Air Filter Clogged

Regularly cleaning aircon filters ensures the evaporator unit runs smoothly, providing cleaner and stronger airflow. Without proper maintenance, dust can accumulate, causing clogged filters and unpleasant odors. To prevent airflow blockage in the evaporator coil, it's crucial to clean the aircon filters at least every three months. Neglecting the evaporator coils can lead to freezing and water leaks when the coil melts. For thorough cleaning, it's advisable to hire a trained professional for an aircon chemical overhaul.


3.       Improper installation

If inexperienced technicians installed your air conditioner, the aircon lights blinking may happen, indicating an unsuccessful installation. When the light appears, it's vital to determine the cause by decoding the error code or checking the manual. We highly recommend hiring a well-reviewed professional to ensure proper and smooth aircon installation.


4.       Evaporator Coils Freezing

 If you receive this signal, address it promptly to avoid an aircon water leakage emergency. Frozen evaporator coils could be due to duct issues. Check for frozen coils by opening the front panel and looking for ice. If the coils are frozen, briefly turn off the aircon compressor until the evaporator temperature rises. If the problem continues, contact a professional aircon servicing company.


5.       Electrical Faulty

If your aircon has an electrical problem, it's likely due to a damaged printed circuit board (PCB) or issues with the electrical wiring. Follow these steps to troubleshoot:


1. Check your owner's manual for the error code to identify the issue.

2. Inspect the PCB for moisture; clean it with a cotton cloth and alcohol if dirty.

3. Examine the electrical wiring for a fuse or blown component if the unit is blowing air.

4. If the unit doesn't turn on, check the protection components in the electrical wiring for a blown fuse or breaker. Also, inspect the ground wiring for surge protection.


If you face challenges, contact a professional aircon servicing company for their expertise and tools to fix the problem.


6.       Poor Airflow

If your aircon isn't cooling properly due to poor air circulation, it might be because of incorrect placement or a problem with the aircon drive motor. Check the user manual for the displayed error code on the aircon unit. Many manufacturers display error messages on the remote control or control panel. If the error code isn't in the manual, consider getting help from an aircon maintenance company.


7.       Leak of refrigerant

Refrigerant is vital for efficient aircon performance. If there's not enough refrigerant, problems like condensation, freezing condenser, and aircon leaks may occur, potentially damaging the compressor unit with a hissing sound.


To address low refrigerant levels, you usually need an aircon gas top-up. A professional aircon maintenance company can fix the refrigerant leak and handle any related aircon issues. Refrigerant leaks are a health and environmental concern, so it's crucial to contact an aircon maintenance company promptly if you notice refrigerant leakage from your aircon. 

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