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Get To Know The Aircon Fan Coil Unit (FCU)

aircon fan coil

What is an Aircon Fan Coil Unit?

An Aircon Fan Coil Unit or FCU is a simple device that uses a coil and a fan to heat or cool air in the room without connecting to ductwork. It is part of an entire aircon unit found in residential, commercial, and industrial buildings.

The fan draws the air in space into the unit, air moves over the coil, which heats or cools the air, and then the same fan pushes it back out into the room. FCUs can be less expensive to install than ducted aircon units and are available in ceiling, floor-mounted, and freestanding configurations.

How does an Aircon Fan Coil Unit work?

The basic mechanism of an FCU is just like a normal aircon unit as it also starts the process by sucking air from the indoor environment into an empty space inside the aircon unit. This air is then transferred over coils which are either hot or cold depending on user requirement.

After a complete cycle of air over the coils, it is blown back to the indoor environment of your room. When the air comes out of the aircon unit, it is cold or hot which can easily change the temperature of your room just like any other aircon unit.

Do keep this fact in mind the Fan Coil Unit is just a simple shaped system that consists entirely of a fan and coils. The air circulates between these two components without any hard-to-understand or complex procedure. FCU can operate flawlessly without requiring an excessive amount of ductwork or other related equipment.

The central part of fan coil units has a cooling tower or boilers that circulate hot or cold water in the aircon unit. This is a major mechanism that is used to mitigate or increase the temperature to keep it suitable for the residents.

In other words:

It is like the air rotating in the room moves over the coils that are either hot or cold. The air during the passage gets the same temperature and then comes back to the indoor environment.

This consistent and continuous process of air rotating makes the room temperature suitable for the residents. One of the major reasons behind preferring FCU over the ducted type of aircon units is that they are fairly less costly and can bring efficient permanence as well. In short, it’s a singular aircon unit that can stand and operate on its own to circulate air without the existence of ductwork.

Where are Aircon Fan Coil Units commonly used?

Fan coil units are commonly found in different buildings and establishments with small private spaces. Some of these buildings usually include small to medium offices and even private casino rooms. These units are usually controlled by local thermostats or sometimes, the building’s management system itself.

In some high-rise buildings, fan coil units are usually positioned and arranged vertically. This arrangement results in the units being located one above the other on different floors and all connected by the same piping loop.

Apart from these establishments, shopping centers with multiple small spaces also prefer using fan coil units for their cooling. Since FCUs are much cheaper to purchase and install than air handling units, these spaces normally gravitate to it for better value for money and to complement their areas.

What are the Types of Aircon Fan Coil Unit?

Fan Coil Units are usually divided into four main categories such as:

– Vertical FCUs

– Underfloor FCUs

– Horizontal exposed FCUs

– Horizontal chassis FCUs

Talking about their features and specifications, almost all these different kinds of FCUs provide the same performance and outcomes. The units are categorized to fit changing building requirements and specifications. However, it is also recommended to ask a professional aircon servicing company to help you choose the right type of aircon fan coil unit for your needs.

What are the benefits of having an Aircon Fan Coil Unit?

1) It is cheaper to procure and install than other central aircon units

Because they commonly power small to medium-sized spaces, fan coil units are relatively cheaper compared to larger types of aircon units. Additionally, they are also easier to install because of their size, resulting in more affordable aircon installation costs than the other types of aircon units.

Pro 338 Reminder: Always call for a professional aircon servicing company in SG to have any type of aircon unit installed either in your home or office properly and safely.

‍2) It provides individual room-level control for temperatures

Another benefit of having an aircon fan coil unit is that you can be more flexible with the temperature settings by having room-level customization for your space.

Pro 338 Reminder: A professional aircon servicing company recommends setting your aircon unit at its ideal temperature. An ideal aircon unit temperature is one that’s not too high and not too low, and in that case, Singapore’s National Environment Agency (NEA) recommends 25°C as an efficient temperature that gives you the benefits of an aircon unit, keeps your electricity bills manageable, and manages your environmental impact at the same time.

With proper maintenance and operation, an aircon fan coil unit can produce a good deal of energy efficiency that can save power and energy consumption.

Pro 338 Reminder: Any type of aircon unit that’s not regularly serviced and maintained will cost you a hefty amount. Call on a professional aircon servicing company to perform regular checks or maybe repairs that will also save you from spending too much if it suffers from any type of aircon issues.

While it is true that a central aircon unit needs fairly large areas with clearance to allow air to circulate through the aircon unit, an aircon fan coil unit does need to have air circulating through, but these small, rectangular box units can easily mount to most ceilings or walls and still achieve the proper amount of air circulation.

The small size and installation flexibilities make the fan coil an ideal choice for offices that have little outdoor space or a roof that can’t support the weight of a large industrial unit or for managers that simply want to keep things small and simple.

Pro 338 Reminder: Fan coil units are specialized aircon units typically found in offices or small businesses. The fan coil includes a coil that gets warm or cold, depending on your thermostat setting, and a fan to blow out the temperature changed the air. This simplified aircon unit has some clear advantages over traditional central aircon units but also has a flaw:

5) It can only cool a smaller area or zone

The fan coil unit can’t single-handedly cool a three-story office building. An aircon fan coil unit is more meant to provide cooling to a small area of architecturally open offices or to an individual larger office.

This problem is only a con if you don’t use a fan coil as it is intended. For many office owners, this small cooling area is actually the main selling point.

It is, therefore, safer to discuss your options in further detail with your trusted and reliable professional aircon servicing company when it comes to recommendations or a variety of choices when it comes to the cooling needs of your home or office.

It’s always a good time to talk about the common issues that aircon units have. This way, you’ll be able to spot if there are problems with your unit or not and prepare for its replacement accordingly. If you require our aircon servicing services, Whatsapp us at +65 9222 4141 for a fast and transparent quote.

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