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338 Aircon SG: General Aircon Servicing Vs Aircon Chemical Wash

By prioritizing regular maintenance, you not only enhance the cooling efficiency of your air conditioner but also mitigate the risk of potential issues. Opting for an aircon servicing contract provides you with a scheduled and comprehensive maintenance plan, while an aircon chemical wash involves a thorough cleaning process to remove accumulated dirt and debris. Understanding these distinctions will empower you to make an informed decision based on your specific needs and preferences for maintaining the optimal performance of your air conditioning unit. 


General aircon servicing involves cleaning filters, draining water, and dusting components without using chemicals or dismantling the unit. While it covers most of the unit, it's not as thorough as an aircon chemical wash, which is also more costly than regular air conditioner servicing. 

How is the process of general aircon servicing carried out?

Step 1: The unit cover will be removed, and the air filter will be cleaned.

Step 2: The water tray functions to gather water before it flows to the drainage pipe. All the dust, jelly, dirt and other debris that are stuck inside will be cleaned and vacuumed.

Step 3: The fan coil unit (FCU) will be vacuumed properly in an up-down motion and repeatedly in order to not miss any spots.

Step 4: The vacuum will be left attached for around 1-2 minutes at the end of the drainage pipe to clear any clogged dirt inside.

Step 5: The technician will check if all the fan coils are working properly by placing their hand and checking if there is any condensation.

Step 6: Double-check the condenser unit to make sure that there is still enough gas. If necessary, the compressor suction and discharge pressure will be assessed too.

Step 7: The evaporator coil will be checked, followed by vacuuming and brushing the blow to ensure nothing hinders blower rotation.

Step 8: After all of the above steps are done, the water tray will be reattached again. We make sure it attaches properly and fully with a click.

Step 9: We also double-check and make sure that there aren't any loose parts left before wrapping up the cleaning of the unit.

Step 10: Wipe down and clean any leftover water and make sure unit is dry. Reattach the FCU Cover and we are done! Your unit has now undergone proper general servicing.


Aircon chemical cleaning, like an aircon chemical wash, differs from regular servicing. In a chemical wash, solutions clean components like the coil, condensers, filters, and trays, removing accumulated dirt for improved energy efficiency.

Despite a chemical wash, issues like insufficient cooling or noise may persist. In such cases, an aircon chemical overhaul may be needed. This involves a more thorough cleaning and inspection, addressing defects through repair or replacement. An aircon chemical overhaul is beneficial for preventing future aircon problems. 

How is the process of chemical wash carried out?

The scope of our aircon chemical wash service covers:

·       Removal of aircon unit FCU cover. 

·       Removal of water tray & blower wheel.*

·       Spraying of chemical compounds on FCU.

·       Rinsing off chemical solutions with clean water.

·       Vacuuming the drainage system & internal system.

·       Wiping the interior unit clean.

·       Reattaching the blower* & test roll.

·       Reattaching the water tray & cleaning the cover.

* Depends on the aircon unit model & condition of FCU.

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