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Why Does My Aircon Freeze Up?

why does my aircon freeze up

Ever wondered why does my aircon freeze up? In hot and humid Singapore, temperatures can rise sharply during some months. People often rely heavily on air conditioning to stay cool, running their units excessively and setting them to low temperatures.

However, this can cause air conditioners to freeze up, making the heat even harder to bear. How do air conditioners freeze? Can they freeze suddenly, even in warm weather? What causes air conditioners to freeze up?

Why Does My Aircon Freeze Up? 3 Key Reasons

#1 – Refrigerant / Gas Leak

Frozen air conditioners are often caused by refrigerant leaks, which can be avoided with regular maintenance by the best aircon servicing company in SG. If you notice gas or refrigerant leaking, it's important to address it quickly. Reliable air conditioning repair companies in Singapore suggest replacing old, leaky units instead of repairing them. Alternatively, you can temporarily restore the system by adding more coolant through an air conditioner maintenance service, though this is just a short-term fix.

#2 – Cold Weather

In Singapore's humid climate, temperatures sometimes drop below 22 degrees Celsius. This can cause your air conditioner to freeze, especially if there's a big difference between indoor and outdoor temperatures. To avoid this, it's wise to have your air conditioner checked regularly to keep it running smoothly in changing temperatures after it is installed.

#3 – Blocked airflow

Blocked airflow is a leading cause of frozen air conditioners. When airflow is restricted in your property, there isn't enough moving air to prevent condensation on the coil. Airflow blockage can happen for different reasons, with dirt being a major factor, according to experienced air conditioning maintenance companies.

Fortunately, this issue can be easily fixed. It's important to regularly hire an experienced air conditioner repair company to inspect the system. It's also a good idea to set reminders to change and clean air filters regularly. Ideally, you should inspect the air conditioner at least twice a year to prevent freezing problems. Early maintenance helps lower the risk of a frozen air conditioner.


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