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What Will Happen To Your Aircon Unit If It Is Not Turn On For A Month?

Who does not love the cool air around your home? We all want to be in a place where the air we breathe and feel is nothing but clean and fresh, especially when it is from our aircon unit. But what happens when you need to leave for quite some time and you also need to turn off the necessary appliances at home, especially the aircon unit? Will it stay the same? Will it still give the kind of cooling that is used to give before you purposely switch it off? Or worse, will it be damaged?

Let’s take a look at some of the facts that will most likely happen if your aircon unit has not been turned on for a month:

If you do not turn on the aircon unit for a month, the indoor temperature might get high for a long time. The air present in the air is not going to run across the filtration system. So, there will be a flow of poor air quality indoors.

Pro 338 Reminder: Aircon unit blows warm air

If you have not turned on the aircon unit for a long time, there are risks that it will blow warm air or it will be the result of the poor quality of air inside the home. The temperature inside the house will increase manifolds, thereby making the air around you hotter.

If the aircon unit is not turned on, the oil will migrate from the compressor. After this, it flows into evaporation. Thus, it might damage the aircon unit compressor. This might occur once the condenser goes above the evaporator.

To prevent this, a professional aircon servicing company recommends placing the inverter trap on the aircon unit’s suction piping at the upper part of the riser. Unfortunately, only a few commercial brand condensers encompass the trap into the aircon unit internally.

3) Accumulation of dust inside the aircon unit

As the aircon unit remains turned off for a long time, the filter will accumulate dust and itt might be sucked within the ducts. Few of the filters are extremely fine, they cannot trap the dander, pollen, particulates, and different allergens. As they trap a lot of debris, it will lead to faster clogging.

If you haven’t turned on your aircon unit for a month, there are risks that mold, moisture, and other contaminants might enter into the dirty system. It will lead to poor quality of air, as the accumulation of moisture can also result in serious mold infestations and a major aircon issue.

The refrigerant refers to the cooling fluid, which is present in the aircon unit coils. It offers the required air to the system during the heat pump. If your aircon unit is not turned on for a month, the fluid might get dried up. In addition, it might lead to refrigeration leakage. Furthermore, cracks may occur within the aircon coil, thereby resulting in leakage.

The thermostat is the control center of the entire aircon unit process, reading the indoor temperature and telling the aircon unit when to turn on and off. You also change the temperature settings here based on your needs. If you fail to turn the aircon unit on for a month, it might have a negative effect on the performance of the entire aircon unit.

Condenser refers to the external region of the aircon unit. It helps in dissipating the heat to the outer environment. If the aircon unit is not turned on, the condenser might be dirty.

So, it needs to work harder to remove the heat. It is because the dirt will function as the insulator. So, the condenser draws an excessive amount of current, thereby tripping the aircon unit’s circuit breaker.

Pro 338 Reminder: Clogged drain pan

In addition to cooling your home, the aircon unit will also remove the moisture present in the air. After this, the moisture gets collected within the drain pan, which is present under the system’s indoor unit evaporator coils.

Then, it will flow within the aircon unit’s condensate drain line, directed out. As the aircon unit is not switched on for long, there are risks that the drain pan will get clogged.

If the aircon unit has not worked for a long time, there are risks that the motor blades might begin to malfunction. As the motors get sealed, it helps prevent contact with the outer debris, water, and air. However, as the aircon unit does not work for long, the seal will come off.

Hence, the oil, sealed in the motor, will flow out. In the absence of oil, the motor will wear out. As a result, the entire aircon unit might stop working. In addition, the outer unit might fail to dissipate the heat if the motor gets faulty.

Precautions to take when an aircon unit has not been turned ON for a month:

Take a look at the compressor unit. The compressor unit is typically located outside, so you have to check it for any debris or dirt. Ensure that there are no weeds growing on it or any objects blocking it. Clean the surrounding area and remove any debris before switching on your aircon unit. Don’t open up the unit, though. If you feel that you want to check the internal components, it’s best to call a professional aircon servicing company for help.

Run the aircon unit in fan mode first. Use the fan mode on your thermostat before turning the aircon unit on cool. Let it blow for 10 minutes so that the aircon unit can get rid of any dust in the entire aircon unit. At the end of the season when you’re about to switch your aircon unit off again for a period of time, make sure to run it on fan-only for 60 minutes. This will help clear out the aircon unit before leaving it undisturbed for the next several months.

Ensure that your aircon unit maintenance is up-to-date. Aircon unit maintenance should be done at least once a year. If you live in a country that experiences extreme weather conditions, especially during hot summer days, a professional aircon servicing company recommends having your aircon unit maintained twice a year. If you didn’t have any maintenance performed in the previous months, make sure to call a professional aircon servicing company before starting up your aircon unit again.

Get proper aircon unit servicing. In the event that your aircon unit had been acting up before it was last turned off, it’s possible that the aircon issue may have gotten worse. That said, you should call a professional aircon servicing company to carry out aircon unit repairs before using your aircon unit again.

One main point is that if a refrigerant leak occurred before, the refrigerant level is likely to have gone from “low” to “empty” after three months. If your aircon unit had performance issues due to a lack of maintenance, these aircon issues have potentially become severe by now.


It’s always a good time to talk about the common issues that aircon units have. This way, you’ll be able to spot if there are problems with your unit or not and prepare for its replacement accordingly. If you require our aircon servicing services, Whatsapp us at +65 9222 4141 for a fast and transparent quote.

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