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What Should Be The Ideal Aircon Temperature?

ideal aircon temperature

The ideal aircon temperature to set when you’re home is 25°C. This temperature is recommended by Singapore’s National Environment Agency (NEA), will keep you comfortable, and will give you the benefits of air-conditioning, keep your electricity bills manageable, and manage your environmental impact at the same time. While you’re away, you can as well set your temperature to a higher setting.

The temperature you set your thermostat to will depend on the time of year and if you’ll be home or away. Instead of setting and forgetting about your thermostat, you’ll want to make adjustments to ensure you are using the highest temperature comfortably for the best energy savings possible.

Ideal Aircon Temperature While you are at home

While you are at home, you don’t want to set the thermostat to an uncomfortably high temperature. But bumping it down to ‘nearly freezing’ is a sure way to get a sky-high energy bill. Try setting your thermostat to 25°C, which is recommended by Singapore’s National Environment Agency (NEA) as the optimal temperature for your home.

However, if your family prefers a much cooler home, you still have options. Without telling your kids or spouse, set your aircon unit to a higher temperature than you would normally. Then slowly bring it down over the coming days. You can use this method to find the best temperature for your family based on their reactions and comfort level.

You don’t want to be uncomfortable for the sake of money. But, if you can comfortably live at a temperature only a few degrees higher you could significantly impact your energy bill.

While you are sleeping

While you’re sleeping, you should set your temperature to around 77°F or still 25°C. Keeping your home warmer at night can actually help you sleep better as you’re more likely to reach thermoneutrality. Your body reaches thermoneutrality at 86°F and by setting your thermostat to 77°F and using sleepwear and a light blanket, you’ll be able to get quality sleep by hitting thermoneutrality. Plus, you’ll save money while you’re at it.

During the summer

During hot summer months, focus on ways to keep your home cool without overusing your aircon unit to avoid high energy bills. The higher you set your thermostat during these months the better. Pair a higher temperature in your home with running your fans and closing your curtains to help keep cool air in without running up your energy expenses.

When you are not at home

To save on energy expenses, set your thermostat to 88°F before you leave for work. You should also bump it up to this temperature when you’ll be away from your home for any length of time. You don’t want to waste energy and increase your energy bill when you’re not even there to enjoy it. A good rule of thumb to follow is to turn your thermostat up if you expect to be away from your home for two hours or more.

Having your aircon unit set to a warm temperature won’t make it more difficult to cool down your home. In fact, it’s easier to cool down your home because less warm air will flow into your home while you’re away.

Why is it important to ensure your aircon unit is running correctly?

Home energy evaluations and regular maintenance of your aircon unit will catch problems and help you to make adjustments to your home. Home energy evaluations will take a look at everything from breakers to appliances and air conditioning to windows. You’ll get a report of everything you can change to improve your energy efficiency and cut down on energy costs without the commitment of making changes before knowing ROI.

Having an inefficient aircon unit can end up costing you more energy expenses. This is why you should make sure to have at least one maintenance visit from a reliable aircon servicing company each year. If possible you should have a maintenance inspection twice a year, for a more efficient aircon unit all year round.


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