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What Is The Odor Coming From My Aircon Unit

Smelling a funky odor coming from your aircon unit? Let us put you onto some of the odors which may come from your aircon unit. Even if you aren’t experiencing any odor from your aircon unit right now, keep on reading, because it is never a good sign when it starts to do. Understanding this may help you prevent further damage. Some odors which may come from your aircon unit may include the following: 

Burning Odour

Burning odors especially those which smell like burning electrical wires could possibly indicate a mechanical problem within your aircon unit. Possibly with the fan, compressor, wires, or electrical component failure.

Gunpower Odour

Like the burning odor, gunpowder odor may be due to a burned circuit board or fan motor. These smells, both the burning smell and gunpowder odor pose a danger. Please immediately check with a professional aircon servicing company on their services and have them check your aircon unit as soon as possible, to prevent any possible harm to yourself or your loved ones. Inhaling these odors for a long time is not exactly the healthiest as well. 

Rotten Eggs, Nasty

If there aren’t any rotten eggs within your vicinity, the cause of this smell from your aircon unit is probably from something nastier than rotten eggs, it is probably from dead rodents or critters that can get stuck in aircon unit ducts. You have no idea what is crawling in there. For prevention, it is possible, to get a pest-free aircon unit, however, if it happens to you, always reach out to a professional aircon servicing company to settle the aircon issue. They can help you remove the dead animal and clean the ducts. Having a professional aircon servicing company check up on the ducts once in a while to ensure it is also working fine and nothing is damaged is also a good practice to follow. If you are having a hard time choosing a suitable professional aircon servicing company, this might be the article you need.

Musty or Mouldy Odour

First off, compared to the above odors, this odor does not indicate a serious aircon issue in the aircon unit but this aircon issue leads to poor air quality. The general cause is the collation of water in the pan, lines or ducts which can form into molds and create these musty or moldy odors. Breathing in such odors, especially mold leads to plenty of health issues like increasing the risk of contracting respiratory infections. It is highly detrimental to felines as well, so if you do own a cat, please be conscious of this odor and seek help to clean up mold build-ups. Once that is cleared, it should be safe already. Why go through something you can prevent right? Identify early and tackle the certain aircon issue

Gas Odour

Usually, as the name indicates, it indicates leakage of gas within the aircon unit since natural gas on its own has no smell. At the first sign of such a smell please immediately turn off your gas supply and your aircon unit

Exhaust Fumes Odour

Exhaust fumes would come into existence when fluids leak from essential components. To avoid a dangerous situation, which might put your safety at risk, have a professional aircon servicing company check your aircon unit. Burning oil and other fluids can release large amounts of toxic gases. These toxic gases would be hazardous to health, depleting oxygen and resulting in an array of health issues. If your aircon unit is emitting a chemical-like smell, make sure you get it checked as soon as possible. 


If you have any of these odors being emitted by your aircon unit, please reach out to a professional aircon servicing company, research a good company that can service your needs. Taking care of your aircon unit does not mean you have to break your bank. Look for professional aircon servicing companies which provide packages and cheaper alternatives for you and your loved ones. A safe household, a better life. 


It’s always a good time to talk about the common issues that aircon units have. This way, you’ll be able to spot if there are problems with your unit or not and prepare for its replacement accordingly. If you require our aircon servicing services, Whatsapp us at +65 9222 4141 for a fast and transparent quote.

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