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What Is The Best Aircon Unit Temperature For A Baby To Set

When you bring a baby into your home, you want to make sure that you are keeping them nice and cool in the summer. You don’t want it to get too warm in the home and make them uncomfortable, but you do need to strike a good balance so they won’t get too cold either. The best aircon unit temperature for babies will depend on the size of the room and how you have them dressed, but there are a few things to keep in mind while you figure this out.

What is the best aircon unit temperature for the baby?

There is a range that is recommended for your baby. This makes it a little easier so you don’t have to keep the home at an exact temperature all the time. Experts recommend that you choose a temperature that is somewhere between 18 to 22 degrees celsius. This is a comfortable place for the baby to be in without being too hot or too cold.

If you have the baby in a room without a thermostat, you should find a way to measure the temperature yourself. An indoor thermometer can do the work and let you know how warm or cold the temperature is in the room. Toddlers and babies are often comfortable in a temperature that is similar to what you may like. However, depending on whether your baby tends to run warm or cold, you may need to add on another layer if you like it cooler in the home.

How to keep your baby comfortable with the aircon unit?

Do not over bundle: If you feel the need to bundle your baby up, then this is a sign that it is too cold in the home. Turn the aircon unit temperature up a bit instead of bundling the baby more. An extra layer is not too bad, but you do not want to add on a ton of layers to keep them warm while the aircon unit is on.

Watch for overheating: You should check to see whether the baby is getting too warm. The hands and feet are not a good way to check on this at all. Check the stomach or the head to see if they feel warm. You can look for other signs like damp hair, rapid breathing, flushed cheeks, or if they are really fussy.

Keep the cribs bare: This not only helps with preventing SIDS but also helps keep your baby from getting too warm during the day. If you feel that your baby needs a blanket while sleeping, then it is a sign the aircon unit is too cold.

Use a Fan: Instead of relying on the cold aircon unit all the time, consider working with a fan instead. This won’t cause such a dramatic decrease in the room temperature and makes sure that the oxygen and air will circulate around the room.

Share a room: This is the best way to tell how warm or cool a room is. If you are in there, you do not need to guess whether it is safe for the baby or not. You are right there and can figure it out.

What if the room is too cold?

If you feel that the room is getting too cold for your baby, it is time to turn down the temperature on your aircon unit. You do not need to have it on at full blast in order to keep your baby comfortable and ready for the hot summer sun. You need to learn what feels good to your baby and what feels good to you and find a good medium between them both to keep the temperature at.

On the other hand, if you notice that your baby is sweating and has flushed cheeks, it may be time to turn the aircon unit down a bit and take off some layers. This is a big sign that the room is not cool enough for your baby.

If you are looking to put in a new aircon unit in your home or want to make sure you are setting the right aircon unit temperature for your baby, then you need to call in a professional aircon servicing company to help you get this done. Contact us at 338aircon and for special prices.


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