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Reinstating An Aircon Unit In A Commercial Office

The ideal way to motivate and encourage employees is to manage a great temperature inside commercial offices. A great aircon unit is the best way to ensure the right temperature all throughout the year. A good, cool, and breezy atmosphere in the office is always a sure shot success for great employee performance. According to a study conducted on the impact of heat on office productivity, employees experience a 2% decrease in productivity for every 1°C above 25° C. Humidity also plays a large role in the comfort of employees and their productivity. Therefore, having an office aircon unit that’s also in great condition can combat these losses and improve workplace productivity.

Reinstating an aircon unit in a commercial office basically means maintaining or upgrading the current aircon unit. Reinstating an aircon unit in the commercial office is a vital process. This ensures that the aircon unit performs at its best at all times. This does not mean buying a new aircon unit or replacements. It simply means, maintaining it and getting it fixed if there is any need. Consistent, scheduled aircon maintenance and check to keep the aircon unit in good shape.

Factors to consider when reinstating an aircon unit in a commercial office:

1) The affecting temperature

One of the major factors that affect the temperature inside a commercial office is uneven airflow. If the design and solution have been ignored, even airflow from the aircon unit, it can be difficult to get the right temperature all across. A good design will ensure even airflow to reach the ends of the office space. This way, everyone gets an equal temperature.

Corner office spaces and cubicles can get very hot. Reinstating the aircon unit can fix uneven airflow if any. The design of the office and total space occupied are other factors that need to be considered as well. The power and temperature controls depend on the size of the office. A small office doesn’t need a big aircon unit. Similarly, a big office will need a bigger, central-styled aircon unit. Considering these factors while reinstating an aircon unit in a commercial office is important.

2) The types of aircon unit for a commercial office

Aircon units differ for commercial offices from those that are found in homes. The 2 most efficient systems for office spaces are the cassette and ducted type aircon units. Both these types are ceiling mounted. The cassette units have been extremely popular choices in modern, architectural offices. These aircon units are recessed into a suspended ceiling. They look very neat and pleasant. The only visible part is the panel of the aircon unit. The cassette units are known for their four-way airflow. This ensures even airflow throughout the office space.

The ducted units however are the most expensive aircon units for a commercial office. But, these types are the best at providing perfect airflow. The ducted type aircon unit is no less than invisible. They are hidden under a suspended ceiling and are controlled from one single place. These units are usually fitted during the construction of an office. But many new projects provide a suspended ceiling. If the office has a suspended ceiling, then the installation process is easy. It cannot be installed if there is no false ceiling.

Pro 338 Reminder: A safe and properly installed aircon unit is a must whether in an office or a home setting. This will help you avoid possible aircon issues and will also save you from unnecessary aircon repairs or even replacements. Allow a professional aircon servicing company to perform it even if some installation processes may be easy. 

Benefits of reinstating an aircon unit in a commercial office:

1) Cost efficiency

It is one key part of running a successful business. There’s no use buying an expensive aircon unit and not getting desired results. Reinstating the original aircon unit in a commercial office cuts down on aircon repairs and electrical costs. Reinstating the aircon unit also saves you money in the long term.

Pro 338 Tip: If you get regular aircon maintenance scheduled, you can avoid expensive damages like compressor leakage, motor breakdown, coolant issues, etc. Reinstating an aircon unit in a commercial office doesn’t require replacing the original unit. This cuts down on miscellaneous expenses. If these basic things are considered, reinstating an aircon unit in a commercial office will be very simple and easy.

2) Helps create a conducive environment for employees

It is important to provide your employees with a cool and conducive environment if you want them to be more productive. Choose an aircon unit that has a variety of features that can be controlled based on a wide range of preferences. Ensure that the environment is not too hot or cold as this can adversely impact the atmosphere for your employees.

Pro 338 Tip: It is essential for a central type aircon unit if you have a large commercial area to be properly maintained and serviced regularly. This type of aircon unit system is preferable for hospitals and laboratories compared to VRV aircon units therefore reinstating them is indeed important to be able to perform at their best. Call for a professional aircon servicing company when you feel that something is not right about your aircon unit in the office. They can help you improve the air quality of your aircon unit plus, it will also make your employees happy with the cool surroundings. 

3) Experience improved performance of technology

Most technological appliances and devices function better in a cooler atmosphere. Having a reliable commercial office aircon unit that produces a comfortable temperature ensures that these devices are working properly as they would rarely overheat. This will undoubtedly save you money from repair costs. So, when deciding on reinstating a commercial office aircon unit, keep in mind that you should produce the best air quality for your employees. Several commercial aircon unit systems have air-purifying features that can remove impurities such as toxins and bacteria from the air. This prevents any spread of germs that can lead to infections and other illnesses.

Pro 338 Tip: Ensure that your office aircon unit filter can trap microscopic particles in the air like allergens, germs, and bacteria. This can be done through regular aircon servicing and maintenance by a professional aircon servicing company. Having a cool atmosphere with less humidity can also prevent the growth of such allergens.

How to reinstate an aircon unit in a commercial office?

The best way to reinstate an aircon unit in the commercial office is to get a professional aircon servicing company to do the work. They will know what tools and extras to bring for the reinstating. Since it is a commercial office, the aircon unit will need special care and consideration.

A good way to maintain the basics of the aircon unit is by having a consistent temperature and a single controlling unit. The professional aircon servicing company will ensure that the aircon units are in top order to provide high performance. They are more totally reliable when it comes to reinstating commercial office aircon units

One of the biggest benefits of reinstating the aircon unit is efficient and effective airflow throughout the year. This process makes the aircon unit as new as it was when it was installed initially. Reinstating an aircon unit in a commercial office doesn’t require replacing the original unit. This cuts down on miscellaneous expenses.

Reinstating an aircon unit does not require any kind of heavy machinery. A professional aircon servicing company can easily reinstate any kind of aircon unit. Since the office aircon unit is made in a different way, the best is to get a professional aircon servicing company to get involved in the job. If these basic things are considered, reinstating an aircon in a commercial office will be very simple and easy.


It’s always a good time to talk about the common issues that aircon units have. This way, you’ll be able to spot if there are problems with your unit or not and prepare for its replacement accordingly. If you require our aircon servicing services, Whatsapp us at +65 9222 4141 for a fast and transparent quote.

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