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Important Notes About Aircon Unit Electrical Consumption In Singapore

1) How much electrical consumption does an aircon unit use?

The amount of electricity that it takes to run an aircon unit varies based on the outdoor temperature, the size of the room, and how long you run it for. It also depends on what setting you have your aircon unit set at. The newer split-type aircon units will consume between 75 and 300 watts (1–5 kW) of power on low settings and up to 900 watts (12–15kW) on the high-speed operation.

2) Does an aircon unit consume a lot of electricity?

It varies a lot depending on the type of aircon unit you have and how long you use it. If your aircon unit is running constantly while keeping your room at a comfortable temperature, then the answer is, Yes, it does use a lot of electricity. In fact, accordingly, “aircon units use twice as much energy as all clothes washing machines in the world.”

Here are the 7 home appliances which uses the most electricity:

b) Water heater

c) Refrigerator

d) Washing machine

e) Desktop computer

f) Fans

g) Lighting

3) How much electricity does an aircon unit consume in Singapore?

The amount of electricity that an aircon unit uses can vary dramatically from one country to another. In Singapore, for example, the average household spends $0.50 per hour and that would be around $30-$45 per month on electricity for an aircon unit. You may also make use of other energy-efficient options such as ceiling fans and bearable temperatures to cut your monthly power bill significantly.

4) How do you calculate the power consumption of an aircon unit?

The power consumption of your aircon unit is the electrical energy (in kilowatt-hours) it takes to heat or cool 1 ton of air by 1 degree Fahrenheit. To calculate this, multiply the number of degrees you want to change the temperature for one cubic foot by 3.51732×10^5 J/K*C

For example: If you wanted to take 20-degree air and lower it down to 18-degree air?

3.51732×10^5 * (20 – 18) = 9×10^6 joules; then divide that number by 1000 watt-hours; then divide that number by 3600 seconds =13 kWh per hour. Remember that without using an efficient aircon unit, you can use a regular fan and create the “cooling effect” for half the cost of running an aircon unit.

Pro 338 Reminder: A good aircon unit uses 0.8kWh. A floor fan will use 0.1kWh at the highest speed.

Window-type aircon units are generally cheaper to buy and use less electricity than split-type aircon units because you will end up using the same amount of electricity whether the aircon unit is calling for cold air or hot. However, you’ll need to consider factors like size and noise. 

Some newer types of aircon units have been designed to reduce their energy footprint, using less wattage to produce optimal cooling. The most efficient types of aircon units use as little as 650 watts on average compared to 2,000 watts in less efficient models.

The Bureau of Energy Efficiency (a body of the Ministry of Power) has said that the reduction in aircon unit temperatures to 24oC the conventional 18-21oC  can result in 24 percent of energy savings. After that, the power consumption increases rapidly as the temperature rises.

Here are 5 definite ways to help reduce the electrical consumption from your aircon unit:

This is the easiest way to reduce your energy bills from an aircon unit. Incorrect installation will make your aircon unit work harder, reducing its efficiency and durability while increasing your monthly electricity bill.

Always get a professional aircon servicing company to do the installation. Also, remember that improper installation, in worse cases, also robs you of your warranty.

Make sure your outdoor unit is not installed in a direction where it is exposed to direct sunlight for a very long period of time and also ensure that the room where the aircon unit is installed has comparatively less number of windows and doors through which sunlight can penetrate, making it hotter. This increases the performance load on your aircon unit, reducing its operational efficiency.

Allow a professional aircon servicing company to help you decide where to have your aircon unit installed. They are well-trained and their impeccable skills will surely allow you to enjoy the cooling effect of your aircon unit at its maximum. 

2) Non-Stop Usage

Using an aircon unit 24/7, especially on hot summer days, will put a lot of load on the entire unit as well as its components. A professional aircon servicing company recommends that when not in the room or when the room has cooled enough, have your aircon unit rest. This will give a break to the aircon unit and prepare it for running effectively when you turn it on next. Of course, it will also reduce your energy bill.

When you buy an aircon unit, check about service and maintenance from your professional aircon servicing company. Like any machine, your aircon unit also needs to be serviced regularly. During service, all components are checked and dust or dirt is cleared from coils. If there is a certain aircon issue with oil and lubrication, that is also fixed. All tasks performed during servicing help reduce energy bills.

Temperatures in summer are very high, usually, in early or late summer the heat is up to 40oC. If you set your aircon unit thermostat for temperatures under 18 oC, you are putting a lot of load on your aircon unit. Normally, you would feel comfortable and cool between 20-25 oC. Hence, setting a temperature lower than necessary is not required.

Pro 338 Reminder: A professional aircon servicing company recommends setting the temperature at 25 oC since it is also the ideal aircon unit temperature. This way, it will stop the aircon unit from working overtime and save you from high energy bills.

The star rating of an aircon unit helps in estimating the cooling efficiency of an aircon unit. This star rating is provided for customer awareness by BEE (Bureau of Energy Efficiency.) The highest star rating of an aircon unit is 5, and the lowest star rating is 1.

Pro 338 Tip: Ask an expert

With a lot of newer and more innovative aircon unit types in the market, it will be very hard for you to decide which aircon unit to get. You can always consult a professional aircon servicing company when it comes to these matters. They will help you find the right type of aircon unit that will suit you and your family’s needs and what also suits your pocket.


It’s always a good time to talk about the common issues that aircon units have. This way, you’ll be able to spot if there are problems with your unit or not and prepare for its replacement accordingly. If you require our aircon servicing services, Whatsapp us at +65 9222 4141 for a fast and transparent quote.

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