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How Often Do You Need to Do a Gas Top Up for Your Aircon?

In a warm and humid country like Singapore, air conditioners become a necessity for most households and offices. Consequently, regular aircon gas top up become essential to maintain proper gas levels in your aircon. It’s wise to engage a professional technicians to check on your gas levels regularly to create and maintain a comfortable and conducive environment.

Several factors that influence the frequency of gas top up required, including:

When the air conditioner operates non-stop

If you notice your air conditioner running non-stop, it's an indicator that you need to refill the gas. When the air conditioner lacks gas or coolant, it won't achieve the desired cooling temperature, causing it to run continuously without stopping. This signifies that it's time to refill the air conditioner with gas.

When aircon feel not cold

While you might assume your air conditioner is functioning well, it might not be cooling properly. When all of your aircon units that linked to the same condenser unit are not cold, often due to low of gas/refrigerant. When this happens, air conditioner owners often seek the help of the professionals to assess the coolant gas and advise whether an aircon gas top-up is necessary to restore cool air and create a comfortable indoor environment. However, if the condenser is not running, you will probably need a repair. In this case, technician will check and advise you accordingly.

When aircon is leaking

If you notice water leaks from your air conditioner, it might be signaling a decrease in gas levels. Low gas can lead to incomplete vaporization, turning some of it into water that leaks. While water leakage might have other causes, gas shortage could also contribute. If you observe aircon water leaks, it's a good idea to get the gas levels checked and refill as necessary.

Once the air conditioner has undergone repair

An air conditioner might exhibit unusual behavior when it requires a gas refill. If you can’t figure out the reason for your aircon’s poor performance, it could be due to insufficient gas. You can attempt simple solutions like adjusting the temperature first. However, if the issue persists, an aircon gas top-up is necessary to enhance performance.

Any issues or complications with the air conditioner can result in a reduction of gas levels. Therefore, it's essential to have professional aircon technicians take over this issue. They can minimize gas loss, but for optimal air conditioner performance, a gas top-up is necessary after the repair.

When you notice ice building up on the coils

Ice forming on the coils is another sign of low gas levels that require a top-up. When the air conditioner lacks of gas, the coils freeze water vapor around them, leading to numerous issues. It's advisable to refill the gas in your air conditioner to prevent further complications.

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