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Facts And Functions Of An Aircon Unit Vent

What is an Aircon Vent?

The aircon vent is a small opening inside the aircon unit that lets fresh air from the outdoors come in and refresh the stale air in your room. This is also helpful when you want to exhaust out any smoke or unpleasant odor from your room. You can toggle the aircon vent open or closed depending on your situation.

Aircon vents are mainly responsible for maintaining your home or office’s air pressure. Additionally, these small openings also keep you safe by filtering out debris that can make its way into your space. Installing one on your ceiling or wall can also save you from potential additional costs down the line.

Are Aircon Vents necessary?

To tell you the truth, YES. You must have some form of ventilation, either trickle vents in the windows, acoustic trickle vents in the walls, or a heat recovery system. Unfortunately, moisture in the air is common in everyday living and it needs to go somewhere and we need changes of air too.

What is the purpose of vent in an aircon unit?

Since the aircon vent is a small opening inside the aircon unit that lets fresh air from the outdoors come in and refresh the stale air in your room. This is also helpful when you want to exhaust out any smoke or unpleasant odor from your room.

What are the advantages of having an Aircon Vent?

Increased Air Quality – open and working vents will lead to the air coming out of them not containing dust and dirt.

Increased Comfort – as the vents are healthy they will be able to transfer air around the home more easily and efficiently.

Saves Energy – the easier it is for the aircon unit to distribute air through the vents means it will not have to work as hard and use more energy.

When should I replace an Aircon Vent?

It is recommended that the vents of the aircon unit be replaced after 15-20 years. After this time they are likely to experience no problems which will mean they will eventually need to be replaced. Other factors which will influence the chance that the vents will need to be replaced are:

Visible Damage – mold, cracks, and other visible damages that are on the vents should encourage them to be replaced. Especially if there is mold buildup, the air quality can be negatively affected by damaged vents.

Higher Energy Bills – one reason the energy bill might have increased is from blocked or broken vents. When this happens the entire aircon unit has to work harder to push the air out around the home. This means it uses more energy and will cost more to run simply from damaged vents.

Poorer Air Quality – if the air inside the home is not as fresh or clean then this might be from the vents. If they are blocked or broken, then dirt, dust, and more can flow around the house decreasing the air quality.

Does an Aircon Vent need to be cleaned?

Due to growing concerns about your indoor air quality and the ongoing pandemic, it is easy to convince owners that their entire aircon unit along with the aircon vents must be cleaned.

This is also because a lot of people think that your aircon unit is the only key to the quality of indoor air, but the aircon unit is only part of an overall lifestyle that is required to be healthy. A reliable professional aircon servicing company is also a part of a wider picture aimed at increasing the quality of indoor air and promoting good health.

Your professional aircon servicing company may not be an expert at detecting harmful germs or bacteria but they have training and skills to identify and check on aircon issues concerning the quality of your air that’s brought about by your aircon unit. Your aircon pipes will also undergo a thorough cleaning, and it is logical that you prevent dust from going to other areas around the house.

In addition, if suspected fungal spores or growth are present in the vents of the ductwork, thorough cleaning shall be needed or it will remain and spread throughout the house. To prevent future buildup of dust, talking to a professional aircon servicing company about high-quality air filters or even an air purifier will be important.

How do I Know if my Aircon Vents need to be cleaned?

It can be difficult to know the status of your aircon vents because they are located out of sight and out of mind, sometimes. That’s why it’s a good idea to get you regularly maintained by a professional aircon servicing company that will stay on top of cleaning your aircon ducts, aircon vents, and filters. But if it was a few years between cleanings, you may notice the symptoms that require cleaning.

Allergy symptoms, dust, or maybe an awful smell that is present whenever you turn on your aircon unit totally requires a professional aircon servicing company’s attention. If you experience any of these problems, it is very likely that your vents are late for a clean.

If you want your aircon unit to be a sustainable investment, but do not have the time, knowledge, or equipment to repair yourself, the experts will give it the care it requires.


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