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Can Aircon Chemical Wash Stop An Aircon Unit From Leaking?

It has been a fact that tropical countries typically have a tropical climate, which means that it is warm all year long. Since Singapore is situated near the equator, this means it has a tropical climate, with abundant rainfall, high and uniform temperatures, and high humidity all year round. Many of its climate variables, such as temperature and relative humidity, do not show large month-to-month variation.

Indeed, there are times when it gets unbearably hot even if it’s already supposed to be the cool season. That’s why it’s important to keep your aircon unit in good shape so that it always delivers top-notch performance. One of the best ways to ensure this is to keep your aircon unit clean.

Besides optimum cooling, there are many other reasons to keep your aircon unit clean. These include an extended lifespan, along with energy savings. You’ll also save on replacement and repair costs. A clean aircon unit can also prevent health issues such as allergy attacks and respiratory problems. Most of all, a clean aircon unit will allow you to experience lesser aircon issues such as aircon leaking

Is there a normal amount of water to leak from an aircon unit?

There are two main reasons for water to leak from your aircon unit. One factor is your thermostat setting. The second involves the outdoor temperature. When you live in a hot and humid climate, it’s normal to see condensation pooling by the condenser unit because it’s working extremely hard to cool your house down, especially if you keep your thermostat set lower than normal or if it’s an extremely hot day.

When is aircon water leakage too much?

As a rule of thumb, your aircon unit should leak condensation only while it’s running. If a puddle of condensation pools under your compressor, it should dry up after a hot day. If you notice the aircon unit has been leaking for a full day or longer or you notice the puddle of water is consistently getting bigger, it’s probably wise to call a professional aircon servicing company to inspect your aircon unit for any aircon issues.

Many factors could play a role in why your aircon unit is leaking water either inside the home or out. These includes:

Dirty air filter: If your aircon filter becomes clogged or even partially blocked, it can cause the unit’s evaporator coils to freeze, which causes extra water to overflow from the drainage pan.

Faulty condensate pan: Your aircon unit will leak if the pan that’s designed to hold water breaks down due to age or corrosion.

Blocked drain pipe: Normal aircon unit function involves water funneling through a series of drain pipes before disappearing down the drain. If any of these drain pipes are blocked, it could cause water leakage.

Faulty installation: If your aircon unit is brand new and is experiencing a leaking problem, chances are it is improperly sized for your home or was installed incorrectly.

Cool outdoor temperature: If you try to cool your home when the outside temperature is below 60°C, the coils may freeze up and cause water leakage.

Low refrigerant level: When the refrigerant level for your aircon unit is too low, it causes the aircon unit to lose pressure. This can cause freezing coils, which may overflow the drain pan when it melts.

a) It helps in the removal of dirt and dust from the air filter.

b) It stops the condenser from freezing and removing the blockage.

d) It cleans the system’s evaporator.

e) It also checks the working conditions of the entire aircon unit parts.

How often should you chemical wash an aircon unit?

A frequent chemical wash on your aircon unit ensures that 95% of its efficiency is maintained yearly. A professional aircon servicing company recommends cleaning at least once in 6 months or maybe once a month is ideal.

Does chemical wash damage an aircon unit?

Normal aircon chemical wash will not affect the compressor’s functionality. So if your aircon compressor stops working after a chemical wash, it is likely that the electrical components in the condensing unit have malfunctioned at the same time.

Types of chemical use for aircon chemical wash:

Use of normal aircon Chemical Wash Solution:

There are various types of chemical wash solutions. A professional aircon servicing company uses alkaline base solutions which are specially formulated with a mixture of additives that enable it to penetrate through dirt, dust, and grimes. Using this solution can help to remove dirt, grimes, fungi, grease, and oil accumulation on evaporator and condenser coils quickly. The use of normal detergents or vacuum cleaning will not be able to do the job as effectively as aircon chemical solution is specially formulated for cleaning of aircon coils.

Use of premier aircon Chemical Wash Solution

The use of a premier chemical wash solution has additional benefits. It not only helps to get rid of all the contaminants in your aircon unit, but it also helps to eliminate disease-causing bacteria. When a professional aircon servicing company uses a premier chemical wash solution, it helps to eliminate bacteria commonly found in indoor areas, with a 99.99% reduction rate. The bacteria Legionella Pneumophilais a common cause of respiratory-related diseases such as cough, lung infection, pneumonia, etc., can be thoroughly removed through this.

Will aircon chemical wash prevent an aircon unit from leaking? Here’s why:

– The most effective way for dealing with these types of aircon issues however is by doing a  chemical wash. Many people may think that this is a harsh step. The fact of the matter is that it is one of the most thorough maintenance practices that you can carry in an aircon unit. Aircon chemical wash will deal with aircon water leaking in one simple way. 

– The clogging and the choking of the drainage pipes are due to debris and materials blocking the pipes due to accumulation. The chemical washing process will deal with anything that is deposited on the aircon unit and the pipes effectively in which a normal vacuuming will not deal with stubborn mold that is deposited on the fan coil and the pipes. The mold also causes a hike in energy use as more power is used to do the same job that would have been done if the pipes were clear.

Pro 338 Reminder: You cannot do this washing on your own. The fact that powerful regents are used means that it needs careful consideration, getting a professional aircon servicing company to do it is the best idea. You will be safe from the chemicals, the fumes, and the molds. It is also wise to do this for the sake of competency. 

A professional aircon servicing company will do it better since the aircon chemical wash process will need the machine to be opened up and every part scrubbed thoroughly. If you have no idea how to do this and assemble the machine securely afterward, you could damage the entire aircon unit. It will also save you the pain of having to take so long trying to follow some instructions on the tenet to handle the aircon unit.

An aircon unit leaking water will be dealt with amicably using chemical washing. Not only will this improve the energy use, but the professional aircon servicing company will also do good maintenance for the entire aircon unit in the process. You will be able to enjoy a new feel on the aircon unit without the worry of having it damaged. Some of these machines come with very complicated features, so you will need the best aircon chemical washing services to ensure that your aircon unit remains in order after the process.


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