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Aircon Unit Sleep Mode: Facts And Functions

What does Sleep Mode On in an aircon unit mean?

Sleep mode: Moon Icon

The sleep mode is generally 8 hours. During the cold days, the aircon unit will drop by 2 degrees an hour, and it will drop by 3 degrees after another hour, and then work at a constant temperature. The whole process drops a total of 5 degrees, from turning on sleep to automatically turning off for a total of 8 hours. When cooling in summer, the aircon unit drops by one degree in an hour, and then by one degree in another hour, and a total of 2 degrees in the 8 hours of work.

In sleep mode, the aircon unit will regulate the temperature of the room and increase the temperature by 0.5- 1 degrees Celsius in an hour, up to a maximum of 3 degrees Celsius per hour. This setting ensures the aircon unit keeps you cool and comfortable throughout the night.

Pro 338 Reminder: Sleep mode is a feature that is found in a lot of the newer aircon units in the marketplace. When you enable sleep mode, the system will raise the temperature gradually throughout the night. Because of this, having an aircon unit that is intelligent enough to adapt can end up saving you money.

What is the difference between Sleep Mode and Timer in an aircon unit?

The sleep mode allows you to choose when to switch off the aircon unit by pressing the sleep button multiple times, whereas the timer allows you to select when to switch off the aircon unit by pressing the timer multiple times.

How does Sleep Mode in aircon units work?

This setting ensures the aircon unit keeps you cool and comfortable throughout the night. Some high-end models also have intelligent motion sensors which can detect your movement during sleep. So if you are tossing or turning in the bed or sleeping peacefully, it will either increase or decrease the temperature of the room.

Does Sleep Mode save electricity?

The Truth Revealed: Sleep Mode is the way to go

Given the energy efficiency of aircon units today, sleep mode is able to save a significant amount of energy. The sleep mode increases the thermostat temperature by 1 degree after every hour till it increases temperature by 2 degrees. This will help save electricity if you like to sleep at low temperatures as you save electricity with every degree of increase in temperature.

What are the benefits of using Sleep Mode in an aircon unit?

1) It improves your sleeping experience – Because of the feature’s temperature regulation function, you’re always guaranteed to receive the right amount of cooling needed for a good night’s sleep similar to an aircon unit’s auto mode function. Additionally, it can also help you sleep through the entire night without interruptions due to discomfort.

2) It allows you to wake up to a cool and regulated temperature – Since sleep mode enables your aircon unit to change the temperature every hour, you can wake up to a very comfortable temperature that’s not too cold or not too hot.

3) It helps you save energy and power consumption – By turning sleep mode on, the aircon unit dials down on its standard cooling performance, letting it relax with you throughout the night. This results in reduced power and energy consumption for your monthly electricity bill.

4) It is beneficial for sensitive sleepers – If you are sensitive to the slightest room temperature changes, then getting an aircon unit equipped with this mode and an intelligent movement sensor can be a big game-changer. By helping detect your every move, the aircon unit can improve and maintain the temperature to avoid additional sleeping disruptions.

Here are other cool benefits when you turn your aircon unit Sleep Mode ON:

1) Helps your mood

It’s not just your physical health that will improve but your mental health will significantly change as well. Getting uninterrupted sleep is essential for staying alert, energetic, and keeping a positive outlook on life. The fewer signs of irritability and exhaustion you show, the more likely you will be able to function at your best.

2) Fights aging

Resting comfortably and staying cool are not the only advantages of lowering your home’s temperature before going to bed each night. While sleeping, your body is also more likely to release melatonin, a hormone that fights symptoms of aging and helps prevent getting wrinkles sooner than you should.

3) Contributes to weight loss

It’s not just a nutritious diet and getting regular exercise that are the necessary components to losing weight. You also need a healthy sleeping pattern to help shed those unwanted pounds. Without a comfortable and proper sleep schedule, your weight-loss plan will not be as effective and ultimately can increase your odds of losing muscle mass instead of fat.

How to maximize your aircon unit’s performance?

On average, an aircon unit will usually last somewhere around 15 years. As your aircon unit gets close to or surpasses that age, it will begin to suffer from some performance issues that simply can’t be fixed due to the system’s age and when that happens, allow a professional aircon servicing company to have your unit checked.

Your aircon unit cannot perform to the best of its abilities if it’s running with a dirty air filter. That’s because a dirty filter will block your system’s airflow and put extra stress on a number of different components. A professional aircon servicing company recommends that you check and/or change your filter every single month to achieve optimum performance from your aircon unit.

If you haven’t already received an aircon unit tune-up last year, schedule one as soon as you can. This is the absolute number one thing you can do to maximize your aircon unit’s performance this year. During your tune-up, a professional aircon servicing company will take care of any possible issues with your system that could impact its performance and ensure that your air conditioner is in the best shape possible to keep your home cool.

Duct sealing comes with many practical benefits, but the most notable one is discomfort prevention. Leaky ducts make your central aircon unit work harder because some of the conditioned air it produces doesn’t reach its intended destination. As far as the aircon is concerned, properly sealed and insulated ductwork renders aircon unit equipment 15% more efficient when it is also properly done by a professional aircon servicing company.

Routine tune-ups done by a professional aircon servicing company are key to any aircon unit’s efficiency and longevity. Changing filters regularly for proper airflow, and ensuring that the refrigerant is neither overcharged nor undercharged can improve efficiency by 10% and 20%, respectively. These are just one of the many reasons and procedures why you should seriously opt for a professional aircon servicing company in maintaining your aircon unit.


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