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Aircon Unit Fan Mode Vs Dry Mode: 1 Main Difference

Fan Mode vs Dry Mode: What’s the difference?

Technology helps in the invention of products that improve the lives of many people. The aircon unit is a concept that helps people live comfortably in houses and business premises. For instance, it saves lives by regulating the heat levels during summer. Also, people with aircon units help purify and improve the air they breathe. Additionally, they keep off insects and parasites from getting into the house.

People can also live comfortably and work efficiently without having too much heat within the room after the best aircon installation in Singapore. People can even sleep well when they turn on the aircon unit when the heat levels rise. Aircon units that regulate humidity allow for the perseveration of furniture. Manufacturers produce aircon units that operate on different modes such as the cold, dry, and fan modes depending on their needs. The article will review the fan and dry modes in aircon units.

Aircon Fan Mode

The aircon unit allows switching between different modes depending on prevailing circumstances. The fan mode runs despite switching between dry and cool specifications. The fan circles to spread air within the room. The fan mode does not have an inbuilt compressor, which saves on energy consumption. The fan mode is suitable for all seasons and is cheaper than aircon units operating on the other inputs.

First, the dry system is the preferred aircon unit purchased by many homeowners living in high humidity levels. This mode of aircon unit helps function by activation of all parts. The aircon unit absorbs the air from the room and filters the extra humidity from it.

The compressor then releases the air that is dry to the room. The remote allows the people to customize the experience. The remote controls the cycling of the compressor levels depending on the humidity levels.

Furthermore, the aircon unit requires regular maintenance from a reliable aircon services company to function correctly. The sensor within the aircon unit detects whether the house has attained the desired temperatures and turns off the aircon unit. The automation of the dry mode allows for the humidity not to drop to lower levels than expected.

Also, the switch enables the conservation of energy used to make the aircon unit run. More so, the fan within the aircon unit continues to run, allowing better circulation of the air. If the owner sets a lower humidity, the system will run for a longer time.


Therefore the use aircon unit allows people to get comfortable in enclosed spaces. They filter humidity and impurities from the air. They allow people to survive, even in extreme heat conditions. More so, the different modes allow for the maximum customization of the heat and humid levels.


The dry customized aircon unit enables people to regulate the amount of moisture in the air they breathe. On the other hand, the fan mode is cheaper and allows for better air circulation within the rooms. The remote control enables people to manage the fan’s cycles and the desired level of humidity. For more aircon advice, please visit

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