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Facts And Functions Of Aircon Unit Chemical Wash

What is an Aircon Unit Chemical Wash?

Aircon Unit Chemical wash is the wash of the aircon unit fan-coil using a chemical agent. This is done when an aircon unit’s normal servicing is insufficient to improve its condition or functions. Chemical wash involves removing the external cover and using a chemical agent to wash the evaporator coil.

Yes. Chemical wash for the aircon unit is necessary to maintain it working at the optimal performance; especially if you are having an aircon unit that is not cold or leaking water. Standard aircon unit cleaning without using chemicals may not be able to clean your unit thoroughly.

How often do we need to do chemical wash for the aircon unit?

It is recommended to do it frequently since chemical cleaning your aircon unit ensures that 95% of its efficiency is maintained yearly. A professional aircon servicing company recommends cleaning at least once in 6 months. Maybe once a month is ideal.

A chemical wash will give you a mold-free aircon unit with high-quality air. A chemical overhaul service will ensure that worn-out parts are replaced in time together with a gush of fresh air. Both will greatly reduce your energy bill and prolong the life of your aircon unit.

How do you clean an aircon unit with chemicals?

During a chemical wash, your aircon unit is entirely disassembled. This is done so each part of the aircon unit can be cleaned with the chemical agent. We take each part and immerse it in the chemical to dissolve everything that has accumulated over the years, such as airborne bacteria, dust, and dirt.

Pro 338 Reminder: This should only be done by a professional aircon servicing company. If you are a fan of DIY, try to avoid it while doing so since the chemicals that will be used might also be harmful to you.

How do you know that your Aircon Unit needs a Chemical Wash?

– The aircon unit takes a much longer time to cool the same area which it used to cool in a lesser time before.

– Your aircon unit makes more noise than usual, especially in the few minutes when it turns on.

– You notice a foul odor or an unpleasant smell coming from the aircon unit when it is working which did not exist before.

– If your aircon unit starts to leak water or liquid from any of its parts, it may require a chemical wash.

– If you have been getting increased electricity bills in the distant past, it may indicate that your aircon unit is working harder than usual. Thus, it needs a chemical wash to continue to work at its optimal level.

What are the steps in Aircon Unit Chemical Wash?

1) The first step that a professional aircon servicing company will do is to dismantle the inner and outer units along with disassembling most of its parts so that every part can be cleaned thoroughly.

Using specialized and high-quality chemicals, the technician will wash the air filters, evaporator coils, condenser coils, blowers, fans, and other parts. The chemical ensures that even the most stubborn grime and dirt are removed from all the parts.

2) The next step will be to clean the overflow pan and drainage unit so that any kind of blockage can be cleared. They will also vacuum the complete drain line to ensure a steady flow of water.

3) Next, the professional aircon servicing company will check the compressor suction, discharge pressure, and the motor of the fan to ensure their proper working. Included in these steps are:

– Inspect the refrigerant/ coolant levels and refill them if they are less.

– Look out for any leakage in the units and fix them if there are any.

4) Electrical connections and contacts will also be checked so that if there is any loose wire, the professional aircon servicing company can fix it there and then.

5) Cleaning the front cover, panels, and the air filter thoroughly shall be the next step.

Also, in the later steps, the fan coil unit is dismantled and checked for its efficient working.

6) Next, all the mechanical contacts, connections, and components will be lubricated before putting everything back together.

7) The professional aircon servicing company will then assemble all parts and finally install the indoor and outdoor units properly. Once everything has been assembled and installed, the professional aircon servicing company will turn on the aircon unit and check its performance for some time to ensure that there is no problem.


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