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Aircon Unit Remote Control And Its Different Functions

With the newest advancements in the aircon unit remote control, sometimes the simple act of using it can prove to be quite confusing and overwhelming for the average user. But not to worry, the aircon unit remote is a handy device that one should always be comfortable with using. Aircon unit manufacturers have embedded a number of features for your convenience in your remote controls. Going beyond the standard cool modes, fan speeds, etc.

There are many more functions that can help you maintain the perfect room environment while optimizing your running costs as well as saving energy. Let us look at some of the lesser-known features of your aircon unit remote control.

1) It controls the aircon unit compressor by turning it on and off

One of the common functions of an aircon unit remote control is it gives you the ability to switch on or off the aircon compressor by way of aircon temperature settings or modes. For example, if the aircon unit is on cool mode, the compressor will automatically be turned on. On the other hand, if your aircon unit is also using the fan mode, then the compressor can be turned off as the aircon unit won’t require it for maximum cooling.

Moreover, it also controls the alternating current to direct the current inverter compressor. Being able to control an alternating current or direct current inverter aircon compressor is another function present in an aircon unit remote control. 

Pro 338 Reminder: These inverter compressors are only found in and exclusive to alternating current and direct current inverter aircon units. It has also been known that inverter aircon units are more cost-efficient compared to non-inverter ones.

2) It controls a wide selection of different aircon modes

Your aircon unit remote control also contains a host of different mode buttons that all contribute to how an aircon unit operates. From temperature levels to cooling intensity, a standard aircon unit remote control would usually contain the cool mode, heat mode, dry mode, auto mode, and fan mode. 

Pro 338 Reminder: The cool mode is the default setting that you can turn to if you want to experience cool air at a much faster rate.

On the other hand, you can choose the heat mode if you’re in a generally cold area and want to increase the temperature in a room. The dry mode is essentially another variation of the cool mode that allows the compressor to cycle on and off in order to remove moisture and humidity in a room. The auto mode, meanwhile, instructs the fan to run when your unit needs to cool or heat a room.

Lastly, the fan mode is commonly used by aircon unit users who want to achieve minimal cooling in order to save energy and electricity.

3) It offers economy or sleep mode to help save energy and electricity

Apart from the standard aircon unit modes, the aircon unit remote control also gives you the option to put the aircon unit on an energy-saving feature, more widely known as the sleep mode. This setting allows the aircon unit to double down on its performance by regulating the cool temperature in increments.

Since this is usually used at nighttime, the users aren’t able to distinguish these changes as they are usually fast asleep, making way for a more comfortable sleep and added savings in electricity bills.

Pro 338 Tip: A professional aircon servicing company recommends enabling this mode since the selected temperature will increase by 2 °F 30 minutes after the mode is selected. The temperature will then increase by another 2 °F after an additional 30 minutes. This new temperature will be maintained for 7 hours before returning to the originally selected temperature. This ends the “Sleep” mode and the unit will continue to operate as originally programmed. You may also cancel sleep mode at any time by again pressing the sleep button.

4) It allows you to control your fan speed

Generally classified under the high, medium and low levels, the aircon unit remote also allows users to personally choose the speed of an aircon unit’s fan.

Pro 338 Tip: Additionally, a professional aircon servicing company suggests choosing the Auto Mode in your aircon unit remote control for a more intuitive and intelligent fan speed.

5) It gives you the ability to set a timer and turn on or off your aircon unit

Most aircon units and remote control devices are equipped with a timer that allows you to turn them on and off. For example, if you plan to use your aircon unit for only 5 hours while sleeping at night, then set a timer to have it turned off after a few hours can help you save power and electricity.

Pro 338 Reminder: Aircon unit timers can help control your aircon unit operating times and help save energy. This function keeps a check on the amount of time an aircon unit runs.

6) It has an auto random restart feature that you can use in case of a power failure

The auto random restart feature enables you to retain the settings in your aircon unit in the event of a sudden power failure. This helps you restart your most recent aircon unit settings once power is restored. Additionally, it will also power up the aircon compressor almost simultaneously. 

Pro 338 Tip: When restarting an aircon unit after a power failure, a professional aircon servicing company recommends at least waiting for half an hour. After you’ve turned the aircon unit back on, it will take a bit of time for the aircon unit’s internal circuitry to reset. It usually takes about 30 minutes, so sit tight until then.

7) It can direct the aircon unit to create and release negative ions to collect dust

The ionizer feature is now a common feature present in most aircon units in the market. If your aircon unit has a built-in ionizer feature, then you can turn this on using your remote control. Almost immediately, the aircon unit will begin producing negative ions using electricity into the air to attract positively charged ions in a room such as dust particles, pollen, and other invisible contaminants.

Pro 338 Trivia: Positive and negative ions produced by aircon unit systems have also been found by a manufacturer to inactivate viruses including influenza. A 2018 review found that negative air ions are highly effective in removing particulate matter from the air.

8) It can control the air louver function in your unit

The air louver or the air swing function in an aircon unit helps direct the airflow in the direction of your choice. You can change this by looking for the air swing function in your remote control and setting it in the direction that you want through the arrow navigations.

Some helpful tips when an aircon unit remote control stops working:

Are your batteries working?

As with any other remote control, you can give the batteries in your aircon unit remote control a little jig to see if that is the problem. Simply turn over your remote control to its flip side, slide off the battery cover, rearrange your batteries and try again. If this doesn’t do the trick then simply replace your batteries with new ones. On nearly all aircon unit remote controls, a message will be displayed if your batteries are running out of juice, and when this happens replace them immediately.

Check if your batteries are the right way round

A very common mistake is to place your batteries the wrong way round in your remote control. So just in case and we know it’s an obvious thing to say but make sure that the flat part of the battery is against the spring and the knobbly bit of the battery is against the metal contacts. If it still doesn’t work even after inserting the batteries the correct way, there could be dirt or a blockage between the batteries and the metal contacts. Slide the back cover off again, remove the batteries and clean out any excess dirt or dust on the contacts using a cotton bud.

Check your remote control settings

In some cases, it can simply come down to user error. It can simply be that you are pressing all the wrong buttons on your aircon unit remote control. Pressing the wrong button can cause a variety of problems. A professional aircon servicing company recommends reading your user manual and mastering how to operate your aircon unit remote control.

If you have tried all the above to no avail and your remote still isn’t working properly there might be an issue with the remote sensor. A malfunctioning LED sensor at the end of your remote control can send the wrong command signals to the sensor on your aircon unit especially if it has been dropped or sat on as this can put the sensor out of place. A professional aircon servicing company recommends if this happens either getting a brand new remote or taking it to an expert to get fixed.

It’s always a good time to talk about the common issues that aircon units have. This way, you’ll be able to spot if there are problems with your unit or not and prepare for its replacement accordingly. If you require our aircon servicing services, WhatsApp us at +65 88554141 for a fast and transparent quote.

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