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What You Should Consider Before Engaging An Aircon Servicing Package In Singapore

Air conditioning systems are commonly found in many homes across Singapore. As a result, the need for aircon servicing has become very common. This has led to the emergence of numerous companies offering aircon maintenance services, aiming to maintain the efficient operation of the aircon units. Typically, an agreement for aircon servicing is arranged between the property owner and the service provider.

There are different rules apply to each aircon servicing company in Singapore, but they all aim for the same thing which is to make the air conditioning system work better and last longer. Before deciding which professional aircon service you should go for, you as the property owners should consider these few things to carefully evaluate all the available options.

What does Aircon Servicing Include?

A common mistake to avoid during aircon servicing is overlooking aircon parts. Make sure the essential aircon components are part of the maintenance agreement. This includes parts prone to dust and dirt build up, like air filters, blowers, evaporator coils and followed by the drain pipe that should be checked to avoid blockages. The technician should also inspect the aircon for water leaks, check refrigerant levels, and verify thermostat settings. If any of these parts are not covered in the maintenance, ask the service provider about it.

Is There Any Warranty Provided After The Aircon Servicing?

It's important to consider the warranty for their services when you hire an aircon servicing company in Singapore. Quality of a service depends on skilled technicians who can predict problems and manage aircon repairs. If the company is reliable, you'll benefit from hiring pros. A reputable aircon servicing company can offer warranties for their technician's work due to training and experience with numerous aircon units.

How Frequently is Aircon Servicing Required?

When considering which aircon servicing company you should engage, do not forget to consider how frequently is the aircon servicing required. There are few factors that can determine how often it should be done, such as, the aircon size/capacity, usage frequency, and signs indicating the need for servicing. Normally we would recommend to do the servicing every three months.

What are The Payment Terms for The Servicing Contract?

Before making the final decision to engage an aircon servicing company, as an owner they should know if the full payment is required upfront or if installments are accepted. This way, the property owner can manage their finances better. The company should state the accepted payment methods such as cheque, credit card, or online payment— accommodating different preferences.

What You Benefits from Choosing a Quarterly Aircon Servicing Package?

Regular aircon servicing is essential for ensuring your unit operates efficiently over time and avoid unexpected aircon system problems. Numerous offices/residentials run their aircon for over twelve hours each day. This frequent usage can lead to rapid dirt and dust buildup and negatively affecting efficiency. Understanding the significance of a quarterly servicing package is recommended.

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