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Top 5 Benefits Of Servicing Your Aircon Unit Regularly

There are many benefits of aircon servicing in your home often. Many homeowners choose to put in an air conditioner and leave it alone, never taking a look and checking that it is functioning properly either. A licensed professional can check out and clean the air conditioner, helping it to work properly and last for a much longer time too. Some of the benefits of servicing aircon in your home include:

1. The Air Conditioner Will Be More Efficient

When you service your air conditioner often, it helps the whole system work better. When your air filters get clogged, the coils get dirty and other problems show up, the system has to work that much harder just to keep the area cool. This uses a lot of energy too and can ruin the machine faster than before.

When you have an air conditioner that is inefficient, it is not only hard on the machine, but it increases your aircon electricity bill and will leave a huge carbon footprint on the environment. However, if you complete routine aircon servicing, it can help save money on aircon electricity bill for you while keeping your home cool.

2. Helps the Air Conditioner Last Longer

A regular aircon servicing will help you make aircon last longer than before. While you can’t make the air conditioner lasts forever, even with this routine service, it can help it last for a lot longer than ignoring the machine. When one part of the air conditioner starts to fail, it can lead to a lot of stress and wear and tear on the rest of the machine, causing it to wear out fast. But if you fix the machine quickly, the whole thing will function much better and for much longer.

3. The Repair Costs will be Lower Overall

Another benefit of completing routine air conditioner servicing is that it helps to lower the overall amount you pay in repairing it. If you ignore the system, all of a sudden the system will stop working and you have to deal with emergency aircon repairs. These always happen at the worst possible time and are costly. Always contact 338 Aircon Servicing professionals for cheap aircon servicing in SG of any type of emergency aircon repairs.

However, if you do routine servicing on the machine, you can avoid these costly emergency repairs. You may have to pay a little bit to do the service and to fix something small. But overall, the repair bill is a lot smaller. It is a lot easier to pay $100 or less to get the service done and the air conditioner checked out than to spend $1000s on a new air conditioner or a big fix all at once.

4. Better Quality to the Air

If you are worried about how the air conditioner is cleaning the air around you, just open up the front of the machine and look at the filter. Chances are unless you just replaced the filter, it is going to have a lot of dust and more on it. This means that when you maintain the air conditioner, including replacing the aircon air filter, the air quality in your home would be so much better.

While you can replace the filter on your own sometimes, it is still good to have this checked during the service. You can discuss which air filters are the best for your machine and learn the proper way to install it when you change the filter each month. This will help keep the air around you cleaner and ensures that the air conditioner will stay in good shape for longer.

5. How Often Should I Service the Air Conditioner?

You may wonder how often you should do a aircon servicing. This will depend on a few factors including the type of air conditioner you have and how often you use it. You should consider doing this twice per year. However, older models, especially ones that are older, may need the work done more often. While this may seem like a lot, the more often you perform the service, the longer your air conditioner will last.


It is important to service your air conditioner regularly. This helps it to function properly and can prevent any problems that are expensive later on. When you are ready to see the benefits of servicing aircon in your home, contact us at or WhatsApp to 9222 4141 to book an appointment.


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