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Not Working Or Spinning Aircon Unit Fan: Tips And Solutions

Let’s face it, aircon units can break down for a number of reasons, leaving you to sweat it out while you search for a reliable professional aircon servicing company to make the repair. One frustrating scenario is when an aircon unit fan stops spinning, even though the actual system is running.

If your aircon unit is running but there is no cool air and the fan isn’t spinning, it’s best to call a professional aircon servicing company to properly diagnose the aircon issue. There are several possible reasons why your aircon unit fan isn’t working, check these out:

1) Fan is not spinning and you can’t hear the compressor

This could happen if there is a circuit breaker issue or a faulty contactor.

The aircon unit’s contactor switch, located inside your compressor unit, sends voltage to the condenser unit and fan so they will run. These switches can go bad over time, causing your fan to stop working properly. Contactors need to be replaced by a professional aircon servicing company.

Pro 338 Reminder: The contactor regulates the power flow to your compressor unit, if it is malfunctioning, this could explain why your compressor is not getting any power.

Pro 338 Solution: The only way to be sure that this is the problem, is to check the contactor’s voltage. And since this is not a job for somebody novice, then it is best to call a professional aircon servicing company and avoid DIY, to thoroughly check and take a look at your entire aircon unit.

One of the most common reasons fans stop spinning is because of a dead capacitor. The aircon unit’s capacitors are small, cylinder components that send energy signals to power the fan motor and the rest of the aircon unit. Each aircon unit has several capacitors, including the start capacitor, which sends signals to the motor, and the run capacitor, which keeps the motor running. Capacitors can go bad over time and need to be replaced.

Pro 338 Solution: The only thing you can do about a bad or malfunctioning motor is to have them replaced. It could be expensive but it could also save your aircon unit from further damage. Have a trustworthy professional aircon servicing company take a look at your aircon unit to make sure that it is the problem.

Pro 338 Tip: Also, if your aircon unit is over 10 years old, then it will be better to have it replaced.

3) The fan spins slowly

This could be noticeable when you try to kick-start your aircon unit or even when your entire aircon unit is already running.

Pro 338 Solution: The simplest solution for this type of problem is to check out the aircon filters. Unfortunately, many Singaporeans would fail in regularly checking the aircon filters. An aircon filter that’s filled to its capacity is basically a clog in the airflow of your entire aircon unit.

Pro 338 Tip: Allow a professional aircon servicing company to have your aircon filters checked and replaced on a regular basis. They could also recommend which types of filters to be used or that are suitable for you and your needs.

4) The fan spins slowly and loudly

This is noticeable when your aircon unit fan makes a loud noise like it is grinding something while it spins slowly. This probably means that the aircon fan is blocked by debris or another component.

Pro 338 Solution: If you notice any debris around your aircon unit, try clearing them out. After which, turn everything back on and listen to your entire aircon unit while it is running. However, if this does not solve the problem, or you can hear that the aircon fan is rubbing with another component, call a professional aircon servicing company to oversee the situation.

5) The fan or entire aircon unit turns on and off randomly

If your fan or even the entire aircon unit keeps turning on and off at random times, regardless of the thermostat settings and you also hear electrical clicking noise of the aircon unit when it turns on and off, then it is exactly an aircon issue.

Pro 338 Solution: This is an aircon issue that has something to do with the wiring, the PCB or some other electrical component of the aircon unit. Immediately call a professional aircon servicing company to fully diagnose and fix the problem.

Here are other reason why you aircon fan is simply malfunctioning:

Broken Fan Blades

Another possible reason your aircon unit fan isn’t working is due to damaged fan blades. The fan blades are generally visible through the vents of your outdoor unit. If any of the blades look bent, cracked, loose, or otherwise damaged, we advise keeping your system off until a professional aircon servicing company can inspect and repair the unit.

Broken Belt

Most newer aircon units don’t rely on a belt system but instead, use direct motors. However, in older aircon units, a broken belt might be responsible for your fan not working properly. As aircon unit belts age, they become more susceptible to fraying, tearing, and other damage. If your belt has gone bad it will make unusual clanging, clicking, or harsh squeaking sounds. A broken belt will prevent your entire aircon unit including the aircon fan from working properly.

Broken Motor

The condenser fan motor on your aircon unit is what turns the blades of the fan in order to blow outside air across the aircon condenser coils. This process converts hot refrigerant gas into a cool liquid, ultimately providing cool air for your home. A faulty motor is a common culprit when your aircon unit’s fan stops spinning and should be repaired or replaced immediately since it will affect your entire system’s performance.


It’s always a good time to talk about the common issues that aircon units have. This way, you’ll be able to spot if there are problems with your unit or not and prepare for its replacement accordingly. If you require our aircon servicing services, Whatsapp us at +65 9222 4141 for a fast and transparent quote.

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