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Misconceptions Regarding Standard Aircon Servicing

Regular air conditioning maintenance is vital for keeping your air conditioner working well. In Singapore, where many people heavily depend on air conditioning, taking good care of your aircon is a must. However, there are common myths that might make you think twice about getting standard air conditioning servicing. These misconceptions can give you the wrong idea about the process, leading to misguided expectations. It's crucial to dispel these misconceptions and provide accurate information about aircon servicing to help you make an unbiased, informed decision.

#1 Aircon Location

Aircon can operate effectively regardless of where it is placed. Totally no! During installation, where you put the air conditioner is vital. Be cautious to avoid placing it in the wrong spot, as this can lead to more energy use and higher bills. Don't install it near other electronics or in direct sunlight. A professional aircon installer can advise which is the good spot to place your aircon.

#2 Aircon Capacity

When choosing an aircon, do consider more than just the room size. Please take note! Think about the room's height, wall material, furniture, placement of electrical devices, outdoor unit size, and other factors.

#3 Aircon Servicing

Servicing is unnecessary when the unit is running. This is totally wrong. This misunderstanding can be problematic when ignored. People often neglect Aircon maintenance when it's working fine, not realizing that dust and debris accumulate in the ducts and other parts. If not cleaned promptly, it can cause major problems. In Singapore, regular aircon servicing improves your unit's energy efficiency. When all parts are working well and there are no obstructions, your Aircon uses less energy, becoming more energy-efficient!

#4: Aircon Cooling

Use a fan to make the cooling faster. This is a mistaken belief that can be confusing. Air conditioners are made to circulate air well in any room. Using a fan can reduce the efficiency of the air conditioner and increase energy bills. Be careful in certain areas to keep your air conditioner energy-efficient.

#5: Aircon Filter

There's no necessity to replace the filters. Nope! This mistaken belief could harm your air conditioner. Dirty filters reduce your Aircon's performance by blocking fresh air flow and stressing the compressor. So, it's recommended to check and clean them during AC servicing.

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