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Important Things To Know About Panasonic Aircon Unit

History of Panasonic Aircon

The company’s first room aircon unit marketed under the name “Home Air Conditioner” with the National Brand, was developed in 1958.

Aircon units in Japan during the first half of the 1950s were mainly large-sized ones for business use and none were available for home use. Attention in the industry was then directed toward the window-type that could be made compact and lightweight at a relatively low cost.

The company was also alert in seeing the aircon unit as a home electric appliance that would be a big hit in the future, being just right for the hot and humid climate of Japan. Specifically, the company focused its product development on compact, lightweight, small-capacity aircon units not found among competing brands. They could be easily installed in windows and on walls of Japanese-style and western-style rooms. The company then developed an aircon unit for home use, the first in the industry. The annual output in the first year in Japan was 1,100 units.

Why do Singaporeans love Panasonic Aircon Units?

1) Its Credibility

As one of the key players and top three best-selling aircon brands in the industry, Panasonic has built a reputation for producing high-quality and innovative products that are reliable and durable. Hence, they are able to garner many consumers’ trust.

2) Wide Variety of Aircons to Choose From

Panasonic is able to meet the demands of various consumers. These demands stem from the need to use and own an aircon unit for commercial or residential purposes. It also sells its aircon units at low prices, making them affordable for everyone.

3) Innovative Designs

Like Mitsubishi aircon, the Panasonic aircon unit comes in a multitude of designs. As Singaporeans place a great emphasis on their friends’ perception of their house, they greatly appreciate the ability to choose their aircon units from a wide range of designs. This helps them to integrate the designs of their aircon unit and house seamlessly. Thus, Panasonic helps them solve this problem by offering aircon designs that are both aesthetically pleasing and optimally functional.

What are the popular Panasonic Aircon Models in Singapore?

Panasonic Inverter XS Series

This series comes with an Econavi function wherein intelligent sensor technology is coupled with advanced control programs. The aircon unit’s cooling performance is optimized based on the room’s conditions. The required cooling is also influenced by factors like the number of people in the room and the size of the room. Consequently, there is an increase in energy consumption and savings as waste energy consumption is minimized.

Aero Series Inverter

Residential and office aircon units from Panasonic’s Aero series distinguish themselves from other models by way of their unique design. Hence, they are ideal for Singapore homeowners who value elegance and beauty when deciding between units. These aircon units come in a slim design and include features like sleek lines, smooth curves, pearl finishing, and chrome escutcheon. All reflect a sense of beauty, elegance, and wealth.

Panasonic- 24TKH Premium Inverter Aircon

This is a wall-mounted model which weighs approximately 12kg. For this aircon to be installed, assistance from a professional aircon servicing company with suitable tools and experience will be needed. Besides that, this unit consumes 220 to 230 volts. Although homeowners need not be overly concerned with highly electrical bills as Panasonic aircon units are generally energy-saving.This aircon unit also consists of a self-diagnosis function that identifies aircon issues through minimal tests. Homeowners can also do their own normal aircon servicing as the unit comes with a washable filter.

Reasons why you should install a Panasonic Aircon Unit:

Aircon units have a reputation for consuming a relatively high amount of electrical energy. This is not the case, as seen in Panasonic aircon units, as they are all packed with an advanced inverter technology that helps significantly minimize potential energy usage. That is why such products are often known to have a higher Energy Efficiency Ratio (EER). The inverter technology achieves lower energy consumption through maintaining temperature and compressor speed using smart monitoring technology.

Consumers wishing to purchase aircon units are often required to dig a little deeper to receive better and effective machinery. This makes it crucial to look for products that are durable and reliable.

Panasonic aircon units have made a name for themselves for being highly durable, even in the toughest of conditions. The ‘Blue Fin Condenser technology’ associated with the aircon unit usually boosts the equipment with durability and triple life due to the anti-rusting coating used.

Panasonic aircon units are also designed using the durable ‘Super Tropical Compressor technology,’ making them high-quality equipment and efficient machines that can work flawlessly under rigorous and high loads.

3) All-round 24-hour protection

The sophisticated Panasonic aircon unit can easily detect unwanted particles and microscopic dirt present in the air while dissolving them with ease without affecting the air’s overall quality.

What is even better is that the technology still works even when the equipment is turned off. The ‘Super Alleru Buster Filter’ is another effective mechanism that offers real-time antibacterial protection by filtering unwanted antigens and viruses, making the air safe and healthy.

4) Smart features

This is one incredible aspect of the Panasonic aircon units that put the equipment ahead of others in the market. The smart feature technology in such machines is meant to provide users with optimal performance while minimizing the level of effort on their side.

For instance, the absence of detection technology can automatically reduce output in areas identified to be empty. On the other hand, activity detection works by reducing unnecessary cooling when there is no notable activity in a given room while maintaining comfortable environmental conditions. One can also easily program their equipment to work only when required.

It is important for aircon units to be relatively affordable to consumers due to their increasing demand in Singapore. The Panasonic aircon unit comes in different sizes and shapes, colors, advanced technology features, among other factors ensuring that each and everyone gets a chance to own such equipment.

Regardless of the intended use, the manufacturer’s purchased aircon unit is likely to provide consumers with value for their hard-earned money due to their durable, efficient, and energy-saving nature. 


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