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Extending Your Aircon Lifespan

aircon lifespan

Your aircon unit is obviously one of the most important components of your home climate control system. If this piece of equipment is used properly and taken care of, the aircon lifespan can be upwards of 15 years. However, many homeowners neglect their aircon unit in ways that can significantly impact the lifespan of the unit.

Since the aircon unit is a vital piece of the home climate control system and repairs and replacement can be very expensive, it is important for you to take steps to increase the life of your aircon unit. Here are some tips on how to extend the life of your aircon unit:

Steps To Improve Your Aircon Lifespan

Aircon units are not high maintenance but this doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t practice routine maintenance. Your aircon unit should be tuned, inspected, and cleaned every year by an SG professional aircon servicing company or by your manufacturer’s authorized service agents. 

It’s advised to schedule aircon unit service before the beginning of the summer in advance so that you are not suffering from an inefficient aircon unit along with the terrible summer heat. This will also allow you to deal with a serious problem before the time comes to switch your entire aircon unit.

Pro 338 Reminder: An aircon tune-up will involve lubricating moving parts, a thorough inspection, checking refrigerant levels, condenser cleaning and checking the heat exchanger for cracks, filter replacement, and build-up cleaning of the drain tube.

The professional aircon servicing company should be checking the filters during the annual check-ups but homeowners should keep an eye on the filter as well. Think about replacing them if they’re dirty even if it’s not yet time to get them changed.

Dirty air filters mean that the system will need to work twice as hard to circulate air in the home. This will not only impact the fan but the entire cooling system will suffer. Airflow will be compromised. So this is a double whammy of the filter failing and at the same time, the overall efficiency and performance getting compromised.

The condenser of the aircon unit is built to withstand the elements since it is situated outside the home. However, the condenser can sustain damage from weather and even general usage. Check on the condition of your condenser after a major storm to search for signs of damage.

Also, clean up any weeds or leaves that have accumulated around the condenser. If there is vegetation growing next to the condenser unit, it must be cleared to make room for it to breathe.

4) Use your aircon unit fan effectively

There are usually two fan settings in most systems. The ‘auto’ setting will instruct the fan to only run when the system is cooling or heating actively while the ‘on’ setting instructs it to constantly run. Most aircon units come with dual-speed fans that provide a more energy-efficient setting for the cooling and heating cycles. There are several advantages to using the ‘on’ setting since it traps more dust, making breathing easier in homes where people have allergies or respiratory conditions. 

Combining all the recommendations above can be a game-changer in terms of enhancing the lifetime of your aircon unit. However, here are additional ways and tips on how to extend the life of your aircon unit:

You might not think of the average life of an aircon unit at the time of installation, but it can significantly impact how long it lasts. It is vital that you hire a qualified professional ac installer for the job. They may charge you more, but they make sure all your aircon unit components are correctly placed. This leaves less room for unforeseen damages increasing the life expectancy of your aircon unit.   

b) Outdoor unit inspection

The outdoor unit, or a condenser in general terms, is your aircon unit’s real workhorse. During periods of rough weather, debris and stones can become lodged inside the unit. When operating, this debris can then interfere with the fan and lead to possible damage or leakage in the pipes. It is thus good practice to visually inspect the unit for any visible damage after a storm or during bad weather conditions.

Moreover, keep an eye out for any shrubs or weeds growing around the condenser unit. The unit needs to blow out the heated air, and if the outlet vents are blocked, this will lead to decreased efficiency of the aircon unit.

It is also a good idea to observe any refrigerant or water leaks from the outdoor unit. Such fluids can mean that there is something much more serious going on inside the unit itself.

The outdoor unit can often get neglected since it is out of sight. This can result in poor efficiency and eventually decrease the average life of the aircon unit.

c) Decrease your aircon unit’s load by using other appliances

An aircon unit is a primary method of keeping your home cool, but not the only one. Aircon unit usage can be optimized by using your aircon unit along with other home appliances, such as ceiling fans.

Using both the ceiling fan and aircon unit together helps circulate air better and your aircon unit can be set at a lower power setting. This reduces the load on your aircon unit and increases its average life and helps reduce your energy bills.

Using reflective window films, thick curtains to block out heat and other appliances such as smart blinds can also greatly help reduce your aircon unit load. These measures enhance your unit’s cooling efficiency, help save money on air conditioning and keep your aircon unit performing in top condition for a longer time.

It’s always a good time to talk about the common issues that aircon units have. This way, you’ll be able to spot if there are problems with your unit or not and prepare for its replacement accordingly. If you require our aircon servicing services, Whatsapp us at +65 9222 4141 for a fast and transparent quote.

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