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Daikin Aircons : Five Common Problems

In Singapore, Daikin air conditioners are among the top three brands for installation. It's important to regularly clean and maintain your Daikin aircon to prevent issues from improper installation, insufficient maintenance, or aging. With over 10 years of experience, 338 Aircon Singapore specializes in aircon services included Daikin brands, covering installations, servicing, chemical overhauls, and gas top-ups. Our extensive expertise in Daikin aircon systems allows us to assist with all your aircon-related needs.

Water leakage from the air conditioner

Leaking is a common problem in malfunctioning Daikin air conditioners, usually caused by a blocked aircon pipe or a clogged evaporator coil. When these issues occur, condensation builds up and leads to leakage. If you notice water dripping from your aircon unit, it's a clear sign that it needs servicing. Regular maintenance can help prevent such problems and keep your Daikin aircon functioning smoothly.


Aircon not cool

Daikin air conditioners can face problems like not blowing cold air or, in some cases, even blowing hot air. This is often caused by a malfunctioning thermostat or a frozen evaporating coil that hinders the conversion of cooling liquid into gas, affecting heat absorption. Our experienced technicians are equipped to handle these issues through effective servicing, ensuring your Daikin aircon functions properly again. Regular maintenance by our team can help prevent such issues and keep your system running smoothly.


Aircon makes noise

Excessive noise from an air conditioner can be disruptive and indicate potential issues. The source of the noise, whether it's a clogged fan coil, a congested condenser, an imbalanced air-con blower, or a combination of these factors, needs to be identified for effective resolution. An experienced aircon technician not only identifies the root causes of the noise but also assesses the overall condition of the system. This comprehensive evaluation allows them to recommend the necessary steps, whether it involves cleaning, repairs, or adjustments, to restore the air conditioner to its optimal and quieter performance. Regular maintenance and timely addressing of noise-related issues can contribute to a more efficient and quieter air conditioning experience.

Air conditioner won't turn on or off

If you notice your Daikin air conditioner struggling to start or stop, it's essential to address the issue promptly. Delaying repairs can lead to further complications and potential damage. Our experienced technicians not only identify and fix wiring issues but also ensure the overall functionality of your aircon. Regular maintenance by our team can help prevent such problems and keep your Daikin unit operating smoothly for optimal comfort. Don't hesitate to reach out if you encounter any difficulties with your air conditioner – we're here to help.

Gas leakage

Addressing gas leakage promptly is crucial to maintaining the efficiency and proper functioning of your air conditioner. Replacing the damaged evaporating coils ensures the integrity of the system and prevents further issues. Regular inspections and timely repairs by qualified technicians can contribute to the longevity of your aircon and help you avoid potential disruptions in cooling performance. If you suspect gas leakage or notice unusual sounds, don't hesitate to schedule a professional assessment and necessary replacements to keep your air conditioner running smoothly.

338 Aircon Servicing Singapore provides an extensive range of Aircon Services including Aircon Servicing, Aircon Repairs, Aircon Installation of the best aircon brands, Chemical Overhaul, Gas Top-up, Aircon Leaking Water, and Aircon Not Cold Fix, and more. We have a team of professional technicians who are equipped with vast knowledge and experience in the Aircon industry.

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