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Aircon Unit Repair Vs Buying A New One

Aircon unit repair vs buying a new one: How to choose?

Having an aircon unit that works well and can help keep your home cool is important. This is one of the best ways to not get overheated and to enjoy the summer. But when your aircon unit stops working, you may need to consider whether it is time to repair the aircon unit vs buying a new one. The decision will depend on how much is broken on the aircon unit and how much it will cost to fix it all. Some of the things to consider when you try to decide whether to repair your aircon unit or buy a new one include:

How often are you doing repairs?

If you happen to have a lot of repairs on the aircon unit and your professional aircon servicing company in Singapore now knows your name and address because you call them up all the time, then you are probably wasting money on another repair. It is time to purchase a new aircon unit. If this is your first repair, then you do not need to get a whole new aircon unit though.

How old is the aircon unit?

Your aircon unit is going to last, on average, about 15 years if you maintain it well. The last few years of owning the unit are going to cost you more money and will require more frequent repairs. The aircon unit is also going to start wearing down quite a bit. If you have an aircon unit that is past the 10-year mark, then it may be time to consider and look at some new aircon units to see if it is more cost-effective.

The older the aircon unit is, the more likely it is that you will need to replace it and get a new aircon unit. This is usually less expensive than some of the other options. But if you have a newer aircon unit and it is still under warranty, then you can just get the repairs done.

How long do you plan to stay in the home?

Before you decide it is time to get a new aircon unit and spend all that money, you need to consider how long you plan to stay in your current home. If you plan to leave in the next few years, you may want to just do the repairs and call it good. However, if you plan to stay in the same home for a long time still, then it may be worth your time to replace the aircon unit. This will help you to keep the aircon unit around for a longer time and can make it a better return on investment.

How energy efficient is your aircon unit?

Take a look at the aircon unit that you are using right now and determine how energy efficient it is. If you have a unit that is a little older, then it is likely there is not a lot of efficiencies when it comes to how much energy is used all the time. The less efficient the current aircon unit is in your home, the more a new one is able to cut down on how much you spend on utilities each month.

The cost of each aircon unit:

You need to compare how much it will cost to repair the aircon unit versus how much it will cost to repair the unit. In some cases, the cost to repair a few parts will be expensive and you may be better off getting a new aircon unit. You have to decide on your own whether it is better for your budget to get a new one or just do the repairs, but it is a calculation that you may have to do at some point.

Making the decision on whether to replace or repair your aircon unit is never an easy one for a homeowner. Both could cost you a good deal of money and you want to make sure that you are choosing what makes the most sense financially for your needs. Sometimes a repair is enough and other times replacing the aircon unit makes the most sense.

If you are looking to repair your aircon unit or you would like to purchase a new one, having a professional aircon servicing company come in and help you make the decision is important. Contact us at 338aircon and for special prices.

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