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Aircon Unit Gas: When Does It Need To Be Changed?

What type of gasses are in an aircon unit?

a) Chlorofluorocarbons (CFCs), including R12 – this is known to contribute to the greenhouse gas effect

b) Hydrochlorofluorocarbons (HCFCs), including R22

c) Hydrofluorocarbons (HFCs), including R410A and R134

How do you know if an aircon unit needs gas?

The initial sign that your aircon unit needs gas is, it doesn’t feel any different when the aircon unit is switched on and off. The air being blown from the vents is not as cool as it used to be. It is important to remember that every aircon unit needs gas or re-gassing if there is leakage in it.

How often should an aircon gas be changed?

Poor quality build parts reduce the lifespan of gas too. Gas in these types of aircon units works efficiently for up to 5-7 years depending on their usage and maintenance. You may need to change the aircon gas within 5 years if not handled properly.

It is better if you sign up with a reputed professional aircon servicing company for yearly maintenance. This way, you will be able to detect leakage and reduce its possibility.

How long can a gas last in an aircon unit?

People often neglect or do not remember the need for topping up the aircon gas. This is a crucial thing to remember because your aircon cooling is dependent on gas-filled in it. Most people will agree that installing an aircon unit is easy but its maintenance is tough. If you have an aircon unit installed at your office or home, you might be feeling that it takes more care and attention in order to work efficiently. Despite providing schedule checking, many people complain about less cooling. This could be due to a shortage of gas in your aircon unit.

The lifespan of aircon gas totally depends on its way of usage. The average life expectancy of high-quality aircon gas is 10+ years. Again, the given time can be less or more dependent on its usage. The most important reason for the gas reduction is its mechanism. The compressor and associated coils are hermetically sealed in the aircon unit. If the compressor gets damaged due to any external force, there will be a chance of gas leakage, which runs continuously without any noise and could lead to more serious aircon issues.

Signs that an aircon gas needs to be changed:

The first sign that may indicate that your aircon unit needs its gas to be changed is less cooling. You may notice that the air is not blowing as cold as it was before or is not blowing cold air at all. When an aircon unit runs with less gas, its cooling efficiency reduces drastically. Let’s say earlier your preferred temperature was 25°C, but suddenly you don’t feel comfortable with that temperature and start setting the aircon temperature to below the ideal one.

Water leakage is another sign that the aircon gas needs to be changed. When there is a gas shortage in the aircon unit, vaporization does not happen properly. The incomplete vaporization turns into water leakage. If you do not treat it immediately, the water leakage can go heavy and can definitely result in a bigger aircon issue.

Wear and tear of the aircon unit

If any kind of wear and tear happens with your aircon unit due to internal or external force, you may need to consider it checked by a professional aircon servicing company. Sometimes the damages are not big, but the gas leakage happens very silently that you cannot even notice. You get to know about it only when the entire gas gets wasted in the air and you are then faced with a bigger aircon issue.

A very common indication that aircon gas needs to be changed is increased time in the aircon cooling. For example, your aircon usually takes 20 minutes to cool the room at a temperature of 25°C, but suddenly it takes 30-40 minutes to cool the same room. This indicates that your aircon unit needs sincere maintenance from a professional aircon servicing company without any negligence.

When the aircon gas level gets low or high in the aircon unit, your monthly electricity bill increases as well. If your aircon unit is low on refrigerant, it can’t absorb as much heat from your home. And that leads to an aircon unit running nonstop, increasing your power consumption. If you are not sure in the first month, notice the electricity bill of 2-3 months. If you see continuous increases in the bill. It’s time to hire a professional aircon servicing company to have your unit fully checked or have them change your aircon gas.

In most cases, refrigerant leaks are silent in nature because they’re pretty small. But if there is a large leak in your entire aircon unit then you will hear a continuous hissing or bubbling sound when it’s running.

How to increase your aircon gas lifespan:

1) Choosing a reputed brand over cheap brands guarantees you prolong the life of your aircon gas.

2) Aircon units set at a place where they get direct sunlight increases the chances of gas reduction due to excess heat. Make sure your aircon unit is away from direct sunlight.

3) Try to put a cover on the condenser especially during hot summer months to reduce the debris build-up.

4) A professional aircon servicing company recommends you choose a good quality compressor as this is helpful in increasing the aircon gas lifespan.

5) Schedule maintenance checks on the aircon unit regularly. Also, ask a professional aircon servicing company to check the gas of the aircon unit while servicing.


It’s always a good time to talk about the common issues that aircon units have. This way, you’ll be able to spot if there are problems with your unit or not and prepare for its replacement accordingly. If you require our aircon servicing services, Whatsapp us at +65 9222 4141 for a fast and transparent quote.

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