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Aircon Unit And Its Spare Parts

Even the most efficient aircon units will eventually need repairs. Some of their parts and components will have to get replaced. Otherwise, your aircon unit will not maintain its efficiency and give you its best performance.

And let’s admit it, we would often opt to get cheaper equipment since cheaper spare parts will cost you less upfront. However, over time they will lead to costly repairs. You might even need to replace your whole aircon unit. For these reasons and more, you should only get the quality aircon unit spare parts available.

What are spare parts?

Spare parts are parts that you can buy separately to replace old or broken parts in a piece of an aircon unit. They are usually parts that are designed to be easily removed or fitted. Spare parts play a major role in the maintenance of equipment as without appropriate spares no equipment can be restored to its original condition for correct functioning. The spare parts should be first inspected to check whether it is as per the specifications or not.

Why are spare parts important?

Spare parts are essential assets for maintaining the high productivity of any appliance, especially an aircon unit. Without them, an aircon unit might not be able to function efficiently especially when a specific part will be needing immediate replacement or repairs.

What is the importance of using high-quality spare parts?

1) Longer lifespan

No aircon unit in the world will last forever, no matter how durable it is. However, quality spare parts will extend the lifespan of your current aircon unit. They will make it work efficiently for longer. Purchasing an aircon unit for your home is an investment and you want it to last for as long as possible. High-quality aircon unit spare parts are manufactured of superior raw materials. They will last for longer and keep your aircon unit in top shape.

2) Higher efficiency

High-quality spare parts are made to the exact standards of the original aircon unit components. They will replace them correctly. On the other hand, poor-quality parts can compromise the functionality of your whole aircon unit. They might also invalidate the warranty of your aircon unit. That is why you need to buy genuine aircon unit spare parts only.

3) No costly mistakes that will cost you more in the future

What you save upfront by choosing poor-quality spare parts does not compare to what they might cost you later. Cheap spare parts are not durable thus, they will break down more frequently. This will translate into higher aircon unit repairs. You might even need to replace your whole aircon unit. With cheap spare parts, your aircon unit will not work efficiently. You pay higher electricity bills over time. That is why it is crucial to choose high-quality spare parts for your aircon unit. However, finding the right spare parts can be a real challenge.

Signs that you will need to buy spare parts for your aircon unit:

1) Age of the aircon unit

The average service life of a top-quality aircon unit is approximately 10 to 15 years. So, if your aircon unit has been with you for the past 10 or more years, then, expect it to show signs of wear and tear on parts that may need new aircon unit spare parts.

2) Number of repairs done

Another sign that will confirm your aircon unit may need new spare parts is when you hired the services of a professional aircon servicing company to do frequent repairs for the last two years. Sometimes, having the aircon unit repaired is no longer practical if expenses keep piling up to cover the professional fees of an expert.

3) Electric bills are soaring high

Saving electricity bills is among the biggest challenges of every household. One of the reasons for high electricity consumption could be the aircon unit isn’t functioning as expected. Why? It could be due to damaged aircon filters or fans. If that is the final assessment of a professional aircon servicing company that needs replacement might as well inquire with an aircon unit supplies representative about the cost of aircon unit spare parts like filters.

4) The aircon unit is performing poorly

Among the evident signs that will clearly indicate it’s time to hunt for an aircon unit, spare parts are when the aircon unit isn’t providing enough cooling inside your home despite the recent servicing done by the professional aircon servicing company.

5) Warranty coverage has expired

The last warning sign that will validate that you have to allocate some funds for the purchase of new spare parts is when the warranty coverage of the aircon unit including its parts has expired. If so, you have no other options, but to find a reputable seller of good quality spare parts like compressor, aircon filters, evaporator coils, condenser coil, and fan.

What are the most common aircon unit parts that may need replacement?

Here’s a list of common aircon unit parts which may require replacement during the typical lifespan of a conventional aircon unit:

1) Air Filters

Though not a moving or electrical part, air filters are a crucial element to providing clean air in your home and require constant replacement. Air filters should be replaced at least six times per year and more frequently if you have pets. Also, if you have a family member who is dealing with asthma or a chronic respiratory condition, air filters should be replaced once a month.

2) Contactor/Capacitors

Electrical parts, such as the contactor or capacitors, motors, fans, and wiring are responsible for more than 80 percent of all aircon unit service calls. Your aircon unit’s contactor and capacitors are some of the most heavily used parts in your aircon unit. With all the wear and tear on these electrical parts, they will most likely be replaced more than once during the lifespan of your aircon unit. It’s best to let a professional aircon servicing company handle electrical problems as DIY mistakes can be costly and dangerous.

3) Blower Motor/Fan Motor

It’s only natural that at some point, the fan blades may experience some form of fatigue or obstruction, or the motors may simply burn out due to extreme use. During a regular tune-up, our friendly professional aircon servicing company team will check the blower motor, fans, and other components for indications of impending failure.

4) Evaporator Coils

The dirty secret and most common problem with the evaporator coils is they get covered with dust and debris, which reduces their effectiveness. Cleaning the evaporator coils is frequently the solution to the aircon issue. Occasionally, evaporator coils can become damaged due to corrosion, which causes tiny pinholes in the sealed system which unfortunately releases refrigerant into the air. This is not readily apparent to homeowners or handymen. Leaks are detected with special equipment which a professional aircon servicing company use during an aircon inspection.

5) Compressor

Your aircon unit’s compressor handles a heavy workload and is one of the most expensive components in your aircon unit. The most common reasons for compressor failure, which would necessitate replacement, are dirty coils, which cause the compressor to overwork and constantly run at a high temperature. Clogged refrigerant lines can lead to an increase in internal pressure, placing a strain on the aircon unit, and incorrect refrigerant levels, which again, place an added burden on the compressor which may ultimately lead to it burning out. The good news is that most compressor problems are preventable. With regular maintenance and twice-yearly service inspections, these types of aircon issues can be detected and remedied before a compressor replacement is required.


It’s always a good time to talk about the common issues that aircon units have. This way, you’ll be able to spot if there are problems with your unit or not and prepare for its replacement accordingly. If you require our aircon servicing services, Whatsapp us at +65 9222 4141 for a fast and transparent quote.

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