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8 Signs of Non-Functional Aircon Unit Compressors

non functional aircon compressor

An aircon unit compressor is a delicate mechanism and will eventually break down. There are certain tell tale signs that indicate when it’s time to have your aircon unit repaired. While a broken aircon unit compressor may not indicate that you need to replace the entire aircon unit, there are some warning signs that you should be aware of.

Here are 8 signs of non-functional aircon unit compressors:

1) Abnormally high power consumption and/or noise.

An aircon unit that’s struggling will often draw more power than it normally would as it attempts to maintain the same level of comfort output. This may also manifest as a high-pitched or “whining” noise as the aircon unit attempts to compensate for a lack of cooling effect.

2) Frequent compressor shut-offs or other shutdowns.

If you notice that your aircon unit is turning off abruptly, this could mean you need a new compressor. The loss in power output will cause the thermostat to trigger an emergency stop so it can re-acquire the cooling effect.

The condenser and evaporator coils may start to leak out their coolants, rendering your aircon unit nearly useless. While this is a serious aircon issue that requires a professional aircon servicing company’s attention, it’s indicative of other aircon issues such as an improper charge or a defective compressor that has failed due to the strain of pumping out the leaking coolant.

If you notice that your aircon unit isn’t as cold as it used to be, this could indicate a partially failed compressor or an undercharged aircon unit. In both cases, the compressor is still working but not as efficiently as it should.

5) It’s been more than three years.

Most manufacturers recommend that their aircon units be serviced every three years. If you haven’t had your aircon unit checked in more than 3 years, it would be wise to do so.

6) The exterior of the aircon unit is soiled with dirt or debris.

This could be caused by overcharges which have damaged the aircon unit’s compressor core, rendering it unable to circulate refrigerant properly.

7) Branches or other debris are obstructing the fins of the aircon unit condenser.

Debris, like leaves and branches that would ordinarily pass through your window screen create an effective insulation barrier against your aircon unit’s cooling capacity. Check for this aircon issue before calling a professional aircon servicing company since it could be easily resolved with a simple cleaning.

8) Frequent power outages.

If your aircon unit is frequently shutting down due to sudden blackouts, this could mean the aircon unit compressor starter capacitor isn’t keeping up with its workload. This problem can be resolved by replacing the old capacitor with a new, upgraded version.


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