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5 Guidelines for Selecting a Reliable Aircon Installer in Singapore

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In Singapore's humid climate, many homeowners are installing air conditioners. This has led to many companies offering repair and installation services. Prices and quality vary depending on the company.

Since the service quality affects the air conditioner's performance, it's important to choose the best aircon installer in Singapore within budget.

Here are some tips for selecting the right aircon installer. 

1. Ensure They Have Diverse Skills and Experience

Another important tip for aircon servicing is to choose a company with a team that has diverse qualifications, skills, and experience. Before hiring a service provider, ask about their staff, including their experience, training, repair abilities, and past projects.

Many companies are willing to provide information about the employees handling air conditioning services, especially for bigger contracts. Since service staff will be working in properties with valuable items, property owners also want assurance that the company can ensure the safety of their belongings.


2. Ensure They Have the Right License

Well-known air conditioning installation companies are usually trained and licensed, which helps them get orders from big clients and provide quality service to all customers. To get licensed, businesses must make sure their employees are well-trained, skilled, and have the right tools for repairs.

They should also offer a warranty on their services. If a customer isn't satisfied, they can share their experience publicly or complain to the licensing authority.


3. Check the Aircon Company's Reliability and Reputation

If you don't have many trusted contacts, online reviews can help you find reliable aircon service providers, especially for common issues. Established companies usually have many reviews from long-term customers, giving you an idea of their service quality. But remember, online reviews can be biased, so it's a good idea to contact the company directly by phone or in person too.


4. Seek Recommendations from Family and Friends

To find a reliable aircon installation company in Singapore, ask friends or family for recommendations. This is better than online reviews because you get firsthand, honest feedback. You can also learn about the rates, services offered, and overall satisfaction with the service.


5. Verify If They Offer Comprehensive Aircon Services

You might wonder what professional aircon servicing involves. Homeowners often recommend hiring one company for all air conditioning needs, including installation, repair, and replacement. Using different companies for installation and repair can lead to problems and extra costs.

Similarly, using separate companies for repairs and servicing can be expensive and time-consuming. It's better to choose a company that offers all aircon services to ensure efficient and hassle-free servicing, especially for units they've installed before. Choosing an installation company that also offers repair and maintenance services can simplify the process and prevent complications. 

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