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4 Tips to Make Your Aircon Less Noisy

When your aircon makes unusual noises like clicking, screeching, or clanging upon starting, it may indicate a problem with the compressor. Therefore, it's crucial to reach out to an aircon servicing company as soon as possible to address these concerns and ensure your air conditioner operates smoothly and quietly. Ignoring these noises can lead to more extensive and costly repairs down the line.

Before reaching out for assistance, you can also attempt these 5 tips to reduce noisy aircon operation:

1. Tighten any loose screws

Running your aircon creates a gentle vibration, which can gradually loosen screws in the unit. This may cause rattling noises, and eventually, other parts may loosen too. Don't overlook loose screws; tighten them when you notice them. Alternatively, you can enlist the expertise of professional aircon technicians to identify the root cause of the noise.

2. Put up a noise barrier around your unit.

Aircon units from various brands can generate noise. To reduce this noise, consider installing a fence or barrier between your home and the unit. This barrier won't block noise that rises vertically since there's nothing above your aircon unit. However, it can redirect noise traveling horizontally away from your home. Additionally, the barrier helps prevent debris and leaves from accumulating on and damaging your unit. It's best to avoid attempting to fix the noisy aircon on your own to prevent further damage; instead, rely on professionals for the task.

3. Clear away debris from the blades.

A straightforward method to lessen noisy aircon sounds is by checking for debris around your fan blades inside the AC cabinet. If you find any, a quick aircon cleaning can likely reduce the noise when you turn on your unit. If you're short on time, consider scheduling regular aircon servicing with experienced technicians to handle this task for you.

4. Connect a hose or duct to the drainage.

In certain setups, water from the aircon may drip onto hard surfaces, creating noise. If you hear water dripping from your AC unit, it's not a problem with the unit itself. To eliminate this aircon noise, attach a hose to the aircon fan coil drainage to redirect the water elsewhere. However, if the aircon is leaking water, you may need to install an aircon water tray.

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