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3 Ways to Stop Your Aircon Leaking

Ignoring a water leakage issue in your air conditioner can lead to more significant problems, including potential damage to your property. Professional services not only identify the root cause but also ensure a thorough and effective solution to prevent future leaks. Prompt action and expert assistance can save you from costly repairs and extend the lifespan of your air conditioner. Regular maintenance checks by professionals are also recommended to prevent recurring water leakage problems and maintain the optimal performance of your cooling system.

Clean Drainage Pipe

Air conditioner leaks often result from a clogged condensate drainage pipe. Over time, dirt, dust, and mold can build up and block the drain as moisture passes through. Dealing with this issue is a cost-effective solution. Regular maintenance is crucial to prevent such blockages, and periodic checks on the condensate drain line can help identify and address potential issues before they lead to leaks. By incorporating simple measures water into the condensation line, you can ensure the efficient and trouble-free operation of your air conditioning system while avoiding the inconvenience and potential damage caused by leaks.


Replace Drainage Tray

If you see a crack in your drainage tray, seal it with sealant. But if your air conditioner is old and the rusty drain pan is causing water leaks, replace it with a new one. This is a simple and cost-effective solution compared to replacing the entire air conditioner. Make sure to contact an air conditioning company for help in choosing the right-sized replacement drainage tray for your unit. Using the correct size is important to avoid problems, so seeking professional advice is essential for a proper and trouble-free replacement.

Replace The Air Filters

A blocked air filter can cause the evaporator coils to freeze due to reduced airflow. This freezing may damage the coils and other parts of the air conditioning unit, possibly necessitating a complete unit replacement. To quickly resolve this issue, replacing the air filter is the most effective solution. 


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