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Aircon Chemical Wash and Overhaul

Why Do Aircon Chemical Wash and Aircon Chemical Overhaul?

Aircon chemical wash and overhaul is done when your aircon fan coil is too dirty and normal servicing using vacuum and brush is not able to get rid of the clogged grime and dirt on your fan coil.

The clogged grime and dirt prevents your aircon to suck in air to cool and hence there is little to no cool air blowing out.

The aircon chemical wash will get rid of the grime and make your aircon able to "breathe again".

What Is The Difference Between Aircon Chemical Wash and Aircon Chemical Overhaul?

Aircon chemical wash is done on the wall with the aircon still mounted on the wall itself.

This makes it faster to clean, and reduces the chance of any gas leak because the gas pipe joints are not removed.

However, this also means that the aircon inside parts that are not fully removed are also not cleaned by the chemical (only the fan coil).

Aircon chemical wash is also cheaper compared to aircon chemical overhaul as the scope of work is not as extensive. 

Can I also chemical wash my aircon condenser unit (outside unit)?

Yes you can. This is if the aircon condenser unit outside is clogged with dirt and dust, preventing free flow of air through the aircon condenser.

Aircon condenser units that are chemical washed will first be sprayed with chemical and allowed to interact for five to ten minutes, before rinsed off with water.

Be sure to inform your downstairs neighbours if you want to do a chemical overhaul as the dirty water will flow downwards! (To avoid arguments with neighbours about dirtying their laundry).

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